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Yes, Electronic Signatures are Enforceable so It’s Time to Switch

Many business owners have been misled when it comes to an electronic signature, and whether or not the are truly enforceable, like a signed agreement that was done by hand in traditional ink. There are no questions: e-signatures are enforceable.

In the early days of electronically signed documents there were some companies that didn’t want to go all-in because they wondered what would happen if at some point it was determined that they were not enforceable. That would have caused a mess. Here are some reasons to consider migrating to all electronically signed documents. Electronic Signatures Carry the Same Weight as Traditionally Signatures

It has been determined time after time that a document signed electronically is the same in terms of validity than one that was signed via pen and paper. We can look back several years and there has been no cases of contracts being void because they were electronically signed.

A program like makes it easy to collect and store all signed documents.

They Provide More Security and Proof: IP Logging

A paper and pen signed contract has nothing more to offer than the actual signature, which can be forged. E-signatures offer a bit more “proof” if needed.

All electronic signatures also record the IP address of the signer. If it was ever needed to be proved that the person did sign it, they can use the IP address to prove it was them.

Email Records and Date/Time Stamps Make Electronic Signatures More Appealing

Along with the above additional security measure of IP address recording, all e-signatures also have a date and time stamp, along with the signers email address. This is much harder to “fake” than a handwritten date or time.

If it really needed to come down to it, the internet service provider could be contacted, and records could be pulled. When all is said and done, their email address, IP address and activity time can all be used to prove it was indeed the person who signed.

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