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Mack Prioleau and I were probably the only people across the whole of Vanderbilt college who cared about the English Premier League, and it was this passion which brought us together.

In fact, I think were it not for those moments at 4 am when we had to get up and watch the football together, we may never have become friends. Thankfully we did, and Mack and I have now been friends for over a decade, and yes, we still watch the football together. Most Americans will make fun of us Brits for saying football rather than soccer, but whatever you call it, it is a sport more people need to watch more of.

Mack Prioleau and I often extoll the virtues of the EPL to our friends and here is why we think that everyone should tune in.


Unlike many European leagues, there is far less certainty in the EPL as to who will win and just about everyone can take points off each other. In Spain there are generally two teams who battle it out for the top spot, in Germany, it is the same, and in Italy and France, there is usually just one. In England however, there are at least six teams who fight it out for top spot making the whole competition far more entertaining. Proof of this can be seen in 2015/16 when minnows Leicester City won the Premier League, having almost been relegated the year before, it was this win which turned Mack Prioleau into a Leicester fan!

Best of the Best

The best coaches in the world can be found in the English Premier League, and with the exception of perhaps the top 3 or 4, the best players in the world can be found here too. When offered the chance to watch the very best players and coaches in action every single week it really adds more to the game and the watching experience. The EPL is by far the most entertaining and much of this is down to the fact that the best of the best play and work here.

Big Games

Because there is more competition in this league, plus the fact that everyone plays each other twice, we see a huge amount of big games. Furthermore, because England is a small country which has a tremendous amount of football teams within it, there are plenty of rivalries to get involved with. London rivalries exist between the large number of teams there, and there are also rivalries like Liverpool and Everton, from the same city, not to mention old fashioned rivalries between successful teams such as Arsenal and Manchester United. These rivalries and big games take the sport to another level, and it is yet another reason why more people should tune in and check out the brilliant English Premier League.

The starting match times may not be great for us here in the USA but getting up is certainly worthwhile.