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The days of being able to smoke a cigarette wherever you’d like are long gone. The harmful effects that cigarette smoke has on users and those in the surrounding area have forced many states and, therefore, businesses to place a ban on smoking in certain facilities. Fast forward several decades and the invention of e-cigarettes and buying vape juice online have given people a different means of getting their daily smoke in.

Vaping has become so popular across all generations, that many have begun investing in their own devices for social, health, and personal reasons. As a result, business owners, homeowners, and policymakers are left with the decision as to whether or not vaping in public should be permitted or banned. Though the idea of a vape pod system means there is no harsh smell or as many chemicals and toxins released into the air, many decision makers have implemented policies to keep this practice under control.

If you enjoy vaping and are in an area where the policies aren’t as strict, you still want to make sure that you’re considerate of others. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Don’t Just Vape Anywhere – Though it may be permitted to vape in public that doesn’t mean you pull out your device and start blowing clouds. Some establishments have the restrictions in place to protect their customers. Find out if there is a designated area for vaping and stick to those areas.Whether you have to bundle up and go outside, congregate in a special room, or travel quite a distance to where vaping is allowed, it is best to be polite and considerate of others.

  • Never Vape in Front of Children, Pets, or Seniors – Remember, although a lot less lethal than cigarettes, vaporizers still disburse chemicals into the air. Such chemicals can have a harmful effect on the underdeveloped bodies of children. So, a good rule of thumb is to never vape where children are present. The same can be said about pets and seniors, blowing clouds and disbursing nicotine and other toxins into the air could compromise their health.

  • Ask First – When you’re a guest in someone’s home, a passenger in a vehicle, or an attendee at an event, it is always best to ask if it’s okay for you to use your vaporizer. Again, the fact that the smoke is odorless and less harmful than tobacco smoke does not mean that it’s okay to vape as you please.

  • Blow Away From the Crowd – Unless you’re in a social group where everyone is blowing on their vaping device, you should never just blow vape smoke in someone else’s face. It is most polite to blow your smoke away from others. If you’re in a vehicle, it may be best to roll down the windows so that the vapes can go outside as opposed to clouding up the car and blurring the vision of the driver.

Vaping has become a trend that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Whether you’re new to vaping, vape socially, or are a hobbyist/enthusiats, it is imperative to educate yourself. Though proven in some ways to be less harmful than other forms of smoking, there are still precautions that must be taken. The above-mentioned vape etiquette tips ensure the health and safety of yoruself and others remains intact.