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20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Reaching another year of matrimony with your special loved one who you chose to spend the rest of your life with is a romantic and spiritually fulfilling event. When you reach as many as 20 years together, however, it becomes quite a celebration. Since over 50% of marriages end in divorce, it’s no easy feat having made it this far.

Traditionally, couples exchange gifts on their anniversaries. Anything from a simple bouquet and flowers to a dinner out on the town. However, when 20 years is met, it calls for something much more commemorative and grandiose.

Here are some ideas for a big sweeping gesture to knock your partner off your feet.


Chances are if you’ve been married for 20 years that you live in the same house. You may have heard you partner mention over the years about how they would like to fix this or that, or how that can’t stand this about your home.

Consider remodeling your bathroom, or perhaps your kitchen. This can be a lengthy process so make sure you that you both decide on the timeline together otherwise you could risk actually stressing your partner out!


It’s no surprise that a vacation would be a fantastic gift! There’s nothing more romantic than opening up an envelope and seeing a trip for two to a beautiful location. Perhaps a trip to the place you first met would be a great idea and a lovely way to revisit your feelings you first shared together.

Alternatively, you may want to make new experiences together and want to opt for somewhere you’ve never been. Perhaps to Europe or somewhere exotic in a hot location.

Wherever you choose to go make sure that it’s somewhere your partner has shown interest in before. Ideally, it will be a location that requires less than 14 hours travel, so you might want to look into locations that don’t require a boat, a helicopter, a canoe, an airplane, and a 5-hour walk. Your partner will thank you for it.


Jewelry can be one of the most romantic things that you can purchase for your partner. The gift of a special piece of jewelry can be something enjoyed forever and eventually passed down through generations.

Particularly if you are buying for a woman, consider a diamond. No matter what kind of a woman she is, most women love diamonds. There are certain women out there however who would prefer something that is simply beautifully crafted regardless of the stone.

You may choose to opt for something with crystal, amethyst or ruby.
If you are purchasing for a male, a great option would be a money clip, cufflinks, or a watch.

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