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5 Architecture and Interior Designers Who Are Absolutely on Fire

Truly good design is rare. Styles are constantly changing and the pace of technological advancement pushing designers to rethink how they integrate form with function. However, there are a few designers in the U.S. and elsewhere who through their creativity and passion are at the cutting edge of architectural and interior design.

  1. Peter Marino

Dubbed the Leather Daddy of Luxury, Peter Marino is driven by the desire to bring together architecture and interior design. A man of many talents, Marinos work belies his humble beginnings in Queens New York. A graduate of the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell University, Marino has been commissioned to design boutique for some of the worlds leading luxury houses including Chanel, Cline, and Zegna.

Based in New York, his firm, Peter Marino Architect, is widely acclaimed. Completing more than 100 projects per year. Previous client includes several Middle Eastern Princes, Bernard Arnault, and British jewelry designer Laurence Graff to name a few.

Whilst Marino has become a star in his own right, he knows that his designs, especially for luxury boutiques should enhance the retail experience. It seems to be working, as more and more of the worlds leading luxury retailers are turning to Marino.

  1. Jean-Louis Deniot

No stranger to international attention, Jean-Louise Denoit has been ranked by Architectural Design and Elle Dcor as of the best interior designers in the world. Denoits spaces are playful and eclectic. Never staying in one place for too long, his inspiration is constantly changing. In the process his repertoire has expanded beyond his classical training into something bold and informal.

However, Denoit has not turned his back on his classical roots altogether. Even when his designs are contemporary, he finds ways to imbue elements from the grand history of design. ? In this way, Denoit displays an uncommon ability to combine periods and styles.

  1. David Collins Studio

Whilst the man passed in 2013, his vision lives on. The works of the studio which bears his name continue to wow, with a unique take on luxury interior design which is redefining how we live. Many projects are bespoke and the attention to detail by Collins and now by his team is without compare.

Earlier this year Architectural Design ran an expos where they marveled at his eye-popping sense of style. Sadly, David Collins is no longer with us, but his impact on the world of architecture and interior design lives on

  1. Philippe Starck

This French impresario has built a cult-like following for his rebellious designs. For Starck, design is not just a job. His passion is to use design to create better, more ecological balanced world. Beauty for beautys sake is never top of mind. In fact, what he cherishes most is making the world a better place through his designs.

Over the years Starcks designs have melded together to form what he calls a democratic ecology. The concept is simple ? make ecological sound designs which are available to the public. One example of this is his designer wind turbine which can be installed at homes. The turbine can generate up to 50% of a homes electrical needs and costs slightly more than $600.

  1. Marmol Radziner

This Los Angeles-based design studio not only focuses on interiors but also has a line of jewelry. Founded in 1989, Marmol Radziner has become synonymous with a movement known as LA Modernism.

Whilst the movement started in the 1960s, Marmol Radziners restoration efforts have helped the firm to become its standard bearer in recent years. One of the firms most recent projects is the restoration of the mid-century classic, the Century Plaza Hotel. Originally designed by Minoru Yamasaki in 1966, the hotel was threatened with demolition until Marmol Radziner took the lead in preserving it.

Besides restoration, the firm is also one of Los Angeles leading architecture and interior designers and has completed more than hundreds of projects in Southern California and beyond over the past 27-years.

Design is an ever changing field. Influences come and go, and new technologies are enabling radically new approaches to construction. Whilst the designers on this list are diverse. Their appeal is universal. For their vision of the world around us is helping to shape how we live.

From the uber luxury stylings of Peter Marino to the bold and informal designs of Jean-Louise Denoit, or Marmol Radziners articulate curation of one of the great American design movements it is easy to see why these designers are on fire.

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