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Dos: The Quench for Something Different

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DOS: The Quench for Something Different

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We are emersed in an endless stream of musical talent at such a dizzy pace we often find ourselves wondering, “is it just me, or does everyone sound alike?” While navigating the disparities we narrow towards individualism, for it becomes easier to differentiate. Then there is DOS, and they are exactly what we’ve been yearning for.

A California based duo who has turned the proverbial page from habitual artistry to visionary innovation. It seems once in a generation we are introduced to game-changing singularity in the music industry, where we can take a deep breath and realize its finally time to exhale.

DOS satisfies the pallet of an industry starving for new talent. A business that in recent years has found major success in collaborative works such as, Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak, as well as The Weekend and Doja Cat. It’s been strength in numbers lately.

Singer Isaiah “Zay” Elizade presents a kinetic force combining passion and ecstasy while quenching the thirst of an audience longing to be both moved and seduced, which satisfies that wild abandoned side of us. Producer Eli “The Kid” Valencia offers a sequential blend of eclectic sounds combining past and present vibes creating an uncommon yet solitary affectivity elevating you out of your seat.

Isaiah’s father was a singer with extensive experience in the industry which cultivated his skillset and set a course for excellence in live performance, while Eli’s father was a dancer adept at pop-locking and freestyle exposing him to the music that created his producing capabilities. This infused both with an injection of creative artistry.

Their song Can’t Get Enough displays eclectic changes that literally take you away to places you want to go, with a seamless blend of Pop/R&B mainstream. While Get You Off My Mind is a smooth ethereal track with a moderato beat akin to a Michael Jackson joint.

No Looking Back offers a rhythmic cadence you’d feel in a Dua Lipa or The Weekend song and their latest joint Don’t Go is a current house track pulsating a beat of infectious elation that will fill dance floors globally. It’s safe to say: “These two can’t miss!”

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