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From tomboy to a sophisticated woman – a guide for an office chic wardrobe

From tomboy to a sophisticated woman - a guide for an office chic wardrobe 1

It is often assumed that you can wear whatever outfit you want when you go at the office. But, if this is your first job, you will be surprised to see that all the women who work there, consider their workplace an opportunity to show their fashion sense and office chic. If your whole life you were a tomboy, you will find difficult to put together some grown-up looks, because you will find very few items in your wardrobe that are office appropriate. Do not stress out, you only need to learn some styling tricks, and soon you will be one of the most fashionable women in the office.

To be sophisticated is to exemplify style and fashion sense in everything you do, so the way you present yourself will definitely impact the way you are seen.

A single blazer is not enough

You want to impress everyone with your style, right? Then you should go a step further than your co-workers, and double up on tailoring. Wearing a single blazer will not make you look more sophisticated, but wearing two jackets instead of one, will offer you a smarter look. The blazers can be in the same colour, or if you want to play with the colours, you can choose one in a nude shade and one in a bold colour.

Your shirt should always be tucked in

A loose shirt is appropriate for a casual date, a lunch with your friends or an informal event. But, a well-tucked top will help you create a polished look. If you want to try some simple combinations at the beginning, the tucked in shirt will help you show some sense of style. You can combine it with jeans, cigarette pants and skirts.

Jewellery pieces are a must

Jewellery items are essential when creating sophisticated looks. It does not matter if you are a fan or bracelets, ear cuffs, long earrings, or necklaces. You will have to find your signature style and stay loyal to it. Make sure that the accessories you are wearing complete your outfits. Stay away from plastic jewellery, it will make you look cheap and this is the last thing you want.

Enhance your waistline with a belt

If you want to take your outfits a step further and add a pop of sexiness, then you should draw attention to your waistline. A belt not only that enhances your waist in the most flattering way possible, but it also makes your outfit step out of anonymity. Inspire from fashion bloggers when it comes to accessorising your outfits with belts, because they have some of the most sophisticated ideas.

Trouser suits are your new best friend

A trouser suit is perfect for the office. It will look perfect on you, and it will help you put together a formal but classy look. Make sure you use your imagination when you choose the model of the suit, because a classic one will make you look like your grandmother. Choose one in a bold colour, or one featuring a beautiful pattern. Play with the style of the pants, lately flare pants are a high trend, so you should give it a try. And no, you do not have to wear a pair of high heels only because you are wearing the trouser suit at the office. You can look bomb with a pair of sneakers or Oxford shoes.

Inspire from menswear

If you will look at the men who have an office job you will easily notice that they look sharp and polished 24/7. They know some things when it comes to office clothes, and you can inspire from their outfits. You should incorporate in your outfits long-sleeved shirts, blazers, and loafers. It will take your outfits to a new level. Boutique 1 recommends wearing the same colour from head to toe if you want to impress your colleagues with the way you look.

Take a step further with matching clothing items

Women are used to matching their shoes with their bags, or their tops with their shoes. But, fashionistas have their own rules. They match their coats with their blouses, especially when they are wearing cashmere ones. If you opt for tonal outfits, you can easily put together an outfit that screams elegance. For a put together look, you should match your top with your jacket, or your dress with your coat. You may have seen women wearing all black outfits, but it is a style you can easily cheat, you can experiment with monochrome looks that use neutral colours like camel and grey, or you can find bright colours that flatter your skin complexion.

A little black dress is a must in your wardrobe

The little black dress is not the star of every celebrity’s wardrobe for nothing. It is tried and tested through years, and the results have always been the expected ones. You can wear a little black dress at the office, it can be your choice for a date, or you can wear it in a casual way with a pair of boots. Pick multiple little black dresses, with different cuts, lengths and necklines, to have covered multiple situations.

Structure instead of prints

Fashionistas prefer structural outfits, and stay away from prints. Why? Because prints have the tendency to distract the attention of the person. You are wearing the clothes and not the clothes are wearing you. Therefore, you should have in your wardrobe clothes tailored and structured for your body type. These pieces will help you save a lot of money in the long run, because they will never be out of trend. A boxy top will always look great, no matter if you pair it with a skirt or with pants. However, a floral top will look dated the next season.

Many women think that dressing for the office means picking their most heavily embellished dresses, but the last thing you want is to look flashy. Your outfits should rely on sophisticated pieces rather than on beadings and childish details.

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