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‘Hail To My Fairyland’ Becomes the First Song by Twin Paws Productions

Twin Paws Productions released its first song, titled Hail To My Fairyland, on Monday 23, 2022. The song was distributed to all major streaming platforms via the online distributor CD Baby.

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Patriotic in spirit and celebratory in mood, the lyrics for Hail To My Fairyland were written by writer and editor Ernest Dempsey and the music was composed by Ohio-based musician Kerry Kennard. Vocals are by emerging singer Anna who worked with Kennard to complete the song for Twin Paws Productions.

Hail To My Fairyland celebrates America and its timeless values of justice, love, and liberty. The song’s title also repeats in the chorus. In his interview with Recovering the Self, Kennard noted that via his composition he created the upbeat march-like feel that adds to the patriotic mood, enhancing the word choice of the piece.

As reported on Fox8, song creates a theatrical experience with harmony of different styles, both traditional and contemporary.

Hail To My Fairyland as a Landmark

Dempsey regards this song as a landmark in his creative journey. While a life-long writer and an editor for well over a decade, he has made his debut in the world of music with the release of Hail To My Fairyland.

“The COVID-19 crisis impeded working on this project for about 2 years,” he says about the song’s history. “Finally, I put my concept up there and Kerry stepped up to take it from there. And he did a remarkable job on it.”

Kerry Kennard received a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Performance at Belmont University. He went on to earn a Master’s in Jazz at the University of Arkansas and got training at the Eastman School of Music in Creative Music Making and African drum studies. Kennard has also been teaching various styles of music since 2004, both privately and for local studios.

Hail To My Fairyland is available for streaming on all major music platforms including Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music, and others. It can be streamed off the song’s HearNow page.

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