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Keep Your Friendship Intact: 5 Escape Room Tips for Leaving with Your Sanity


Escape rooms are a team building activity that’s fun for friends, co-workers, and families. However, it can backfire if you end up stressing each other out, arguing, and wanting to rip your hair out in frustration.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of escape room tips that will have your group working like a well-oiled machine in order to escape the room and win with ease!

1. Know Your Team’s Strengths

Not everyone on your team is going to be great at solving word puzzles, just like not everyone on your team is going to be a whiz with numeric codes.

Go into the escape room knowing each of your teammates’ strengths and using those strengths to your advantage. If you know that you’re going to be great at finding all the clues but not so great at solving image puzzles, assign yourself the task of finding clues.

Then, make sure your other teammates are using their strengths and allowing other people to pick up the slack on their weaknesses.

2. Split Up

You can’t physically split up (you’re trapped in a room, after all), but you can split up your tasks. It doesn’t help anyone for 10 people to crowd around the same clue shouting over each other and making everyone frustrated.

Have everyone work on different tasks that play to their strengths (remember tip #1?). Two people can work on finding all the clues, another two can work on putting together a physical puzzle, two can decode a clue, etc.

3. Don’t Bring Too Many People

On the topic of feeling overwhelmed, it’s much easier to feel that way when you pack in the maximum amount of people in a room. This is going to make everything feel crowded, and it won’t allow everyone’s voice to be heard.

Consider bringing fewer people that you technically could fit into the room in order to have things work a bit more efficiently.

4. Assign a Leader and a Time Master

Having a designated leader will keep you all organized and on task. A time master is essential since escape rooms are times, and it’s so easy to get absorbed in a puzzle only to have time run out.

Make sure the time master periodically announces how much time you have left so everyone is aware.

5. Switch Up Your Puzzles

Have you ever stared at a puzzle for so long, getting nowhere, but then someone else comes over and solves it in two seconds? Sometimes we need a fresh pair of eyes to work on a puzzle to be successful; don’t be afraid to rotate jobs in the room in order to get a new perspective on a puzzle.

Ready to Apply These Escape Room Tips?

In the end, escape room tips are the same as those for any team building activity. You need to listen to each other, have a defined leader, play to your strengths, and recognize your weaknesses.

Think you’re the one to take on that leadership role? Read up on some important habits you can implement in order to be a better leader.

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