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Top Comic Book Conventions to Look Forward to in 2018

one of the comic book conventions.

Over the past year, Comic Cons were as popular as ever. That’s because, as Garret Godwin wrote, in 2012, comic books are the American storytelling medium that people love and respect. [story] Looking ahead to 2018 comic book conventions have a number of things in store for us. Now is the time to start planning which conventions to attend, and where they are, to make travel and work arrangements.

To help narrow down the list of must-attend events, here’s a look at the five comic book conventions (Comic Con) happening in 2018.

What Makes a Convention Spectacular?

As a helpful tip when looking for the prime conventions to attend, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First look at a list of the vendors and attendees to help decide if it has appeal. Next, look at the guest speaker list, and finally take a look at how high-tech a production it is.

For example, a convention that is working to impress its attendees will go all out and hire a professional audio-visual service such as Atlanta AV Production – Audio Video Production Services. What this means to attendees is they can look forward to high-quality sound, cutting edge graphics and videos, and sets that impress.

New York Comic Con

Taking place in the fall from Oct. 4-7, 2018 the New York branch of Comic Con has the largest attendance of all in the United States. It’s more than just comics, this convention celebrates pop culture in general.

San Diego Comic Con

Taking second spot in the most-attended Comic Con events is the San Diego version. This one takes place July 19-22 and tickets have already started to go on sale. Because this event is so huge, purchase tickets as early as possible.

Denver Comic Con

While not as big as some of the other Comic Con events, this one still packs a powerful punch for attendees looking to get on the inside track of the comic book world. Just as expected, the guest speakers and stars come from all different media – comic books, movies, and television – so there is a wide range to see and do here. This one runs from June 15-18, 2018.

Not to Be Forgotten

A couple of others also rank high on the list for attendees, including Phoenix Comicon and Emerald City Comicon. Plan on these events being well-attended again this year, as they serve fans outside of the big cities.

No matter which convention, including conventions that aren’t “Comic Con” events, attendees are sure to have a good time as they are a memorable experience for all age groups.

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