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‘Final 48’ Sets November 22 Release

Final 48 poster
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Random Media is releasing the drama-comedy film, ‘Final 48’ starring Tim Ross, Kelly Ladd, Walter Robert Duckworth, Louis Kyper, Cherrika Brown, Cory Wieczorek, Roella Day, Kay Hall, and Bill Hall on November 22nd, 2022.

Directed by Lisa Sanow, ‘Final 48’ is the story of business magnate Hudson Graham who has mandated his surviving family members return to their homestead and spend his final hours together under one roof, in order to receive their inheritance. Hudson’s children have a strained relationship with their father, and each has their own hidden agenda in agreeing to return home to complete the commanded vigil at their father’s deathbed. One by one Hudson’s children arrive at the estate and are greeted by Kent Barber, Hudson’s Licensed Nurse Practitioner, who has been tasked by Hudson to take them on a pre-planned journey to learn of their hidden past. The children soon discover the origin of their strained relationships with their father and each other are more than meets the eye. They each must decide which holds more value – their love for family or love of money.

‘Final 48’ will be out November 22nd on digital streaming platforms via Random Media.

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