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‘Places of the Future’ Documentary Sets September 20 Release

'Places of the Future' Documentary Sets September 20 Release 1

The anthology documentary feature film ‘Places of the Future’, featuring Desmond Dickerson, Caroline Styr, and Rob Brown is releasing on digital streaming platforms on September 20, 2022, via Random Media.

Directed by Harry Lawson, Bill Darmon, and Chris Ernst ‘Places of the Future’ is a captivating mini docuseries from three filmmakers that focuses on the world as we go beyond the coronavirus pandemic, places that are hotbeds of innovation and new ideas, and that are affordable and enjoyable to work and live in, will be places that people gravitate to. The cities and towns we profile range from the large to the small, the old to the new, and the well-known to the hardly-ever-heard-of. The one thing they all have in common, though, is an appetite to create or recreate a future by offering humans the work of the future.

The mini-documentaries were all made by different filmmakers living and working in these locations- a diverse and talented cadre of young, up-and-coming cinematographers who helped us get inside their hometowns, and tell the important stories that make them special places of the future. They capture the essence of some of the key places we’ve identified – Dundee (Scotland), Kochi (India), Atlanta (U.S.), Nairobi (Kenya), Silicon Wadi (Israel), Remotopia and Virtual Space. By training a telescope (and a movie camera) on the places of the future today, we can try to figure out what work will look like – and where it’s happening – tomorrow, when this day is done.

Logline: What makes a place futuristic? ‘Places of the Future’ explores how technology is changing the future of work.

Produced by Ben Pring, Rob Brown, Caroline Styr, Desmond Dickerson, Bill Darmon, and Chris Ernst, ‘Places of the Future’ will release on September 20, 2022.

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