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An Introduction To A New Medical Card

When the news announced that marijuana was approved for medical use in certain states, it shocked the United States. Now, people are wondering how to get a card for medical marijuana. The approval process can take a while, but it’s important to know the steps that will lead you toward gaining the card.

First of all, your state or city has to approve marijuana being distributed to the public before you can apply. Some states are still in the process of approving the natural plant. But in fact, Congress makes the final decisions. After the approval, it’s publicly announced on television and through other media sources. If the state that you live in has approved marijuana medical cards, you should do the following:

  • learn about the laws and the list of states that are approved
  • be ready to provide identification
  • proof of residency
  • know the conditions that are approved
  • seek a professional doctor to get the approval

The Laws From State To State

Of course, if one state approvals medical marijuana, you can’t travel with it unless you are going to another state that has approved it. That simply means, if you are certified to handle medical marijuana for your own personal use, you have to know which places have approved medical marijuana cards. In particular, there are several states that have approved the use of medical marijuana. On the other hand, some states require tourists and visitors to apply for their state as well. In fact, if you are approved in one state, you should check the other states so that you can receive additional cards. It shouldn’t take long to get the additional cards. Also, it will keep you out of trouble with the courts if you are a traveler.

Seek A Licensed Medical Doctor

For the most part, general physicians can give you the approval that you need. However, if you have a specific condition that is being treated by a doctor, that professional should be willing to sit down with you and discuss the steps to getting approved. If you are in a lot of pain, some physicians will skip over talking about it and recommend it right away. You may not get your approval the first time you go to your doctor. But eventually, you will have to take tests to show that there is a need for medical marijuana. The doctor should approve after seeing your results.

Know The Conditions That Gain Approvals

There are certain medical conditions that will get approval right away. For example, if you have problems with diabetes, you should get your approval within a matter of weeks. To understand what conditions are approved, you have to visit your local courthouse to find out. In contrast, there may not be any information available. For that reason, you can research online to find out which conditions are accepted as conditions that will benefit from using medical marijuana. You also need to understand when applications are being accepted. After you get your approval, you can visit a dispensary to buy marijuana. Most of the time, there is a $50 fee that you have to pay in order to apply. With that noted, you should prepare for that as well. Sometimes, you can get your application online from your state. If that is easier for you to do, you can print the application by visiting your local library.

Identification And Social Security Card

Your doctor may already have an application at the office. That makes the process convenient for you. In some cases, you will have to send a copy of your identification and your social security card to the white house. Your doctor will also need a copy to send to your state’s capital. Once all of that is complete, your doctor will let you know whenever your card is available. To make the progress move much faster, you should make sure that you have your identification cards with you. Your doctor may also give you an extra card for medical marijuana in case you lose one of them.

Provide Proof Of Residency

Along with your identification, the application will require a copy of your deed or lease. It shows that are valid citizens in the state that you want to apply to. Mainly, the application will accept additional documents, such as a utility bill with your name on it. That will be enough information for this part of the application. It’s best that your utility bills match the address that is on your identification card.

Criminal Background Check

Lastly, states check criminal background history to see if you have any warrants or failure to appears. Of course, there are some cases where you may have charges on your criminal record. If you are currently working to expunge those charges, you need to show proof of that through the attorney that you are working with. For that purpose, your approval may not be that same week. You may have to end up waiting for months before you are even considered. It’s best to ask your physician any questions that pertain to getting your approval. If you don’t have a criminal record, you don’t have anything to worry about. You can continue to move forward with your application process.

Videos Or Classes May Be Required

In some states, you may have to take a class that will teach you how much marijuana you are allowed to consume on a daily basis. If your class is through your physician, you may have to set up an appointment to view it in one of his consultation rooms. Sometimes, the courthouse will hold a class at your local police station or community college to teach the importance of handling marijuana. Once you start the process, you shouldn’t have any problems with completing your application.


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