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Los Angeles Public Schools Delay Vaccine Mandate as Thousands Refuse to Comply

Los Angeles public schools administration faced a setback when 30 thousand students did not comply by their vaccine mandate and remain unvaccinated. The administration was forced to delay its vaccine mandate’s enforcement till fall 2022.

Non-Compliance by the Mandate of Los Angeles Public Schools

The Washington Examiner reported on December 15, 2021 that more than 30 thousand students at Los Angeles public schools had not taken the COVID vaccines despite being required to do so to enroll for in-person classes for the winter term.

The vaccine mandate would have required all students over the age of 12 to receive their second dose to keep attending classes in person following the winter break.

The Los Angeles public schools had told students that in case they did not take the shots by the deadline, they’d need to register for online classes or cancel their enrollment at the schools. However, seeing that over 30 thousand students did not comply, the Los Angeles Unified School District announced the extension of the deadline until the beginning of the 2022–2023 school year.

Shore News Network wrote that school districts in other liberal states are also considering “softening” their plans to enforce vaccine mandates for students since school leaders are seeing a pushback against the vaccine mandate. The story also reported that the school district fired hundreds of employees for not complying by their vaccine mandate.

On Dec. 7, LAUSD fired almost 500 employees who did not get their first dose of the vaccine by Nov. 15.

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Racial Concern in Mandating Vaccines for School Students

While the authorities claim they are mandating COVID vaccines for keeping students safe, although the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines have not been proven scientifically to date, a leftist agenda of catering to non-white races also shows in the mandate. Shore News Network story wrote:

The district also cited concerns that the vaccine mandate would have a disproportionate impact on black and Latino students.

In September 2021, the leftist Portland Community College (PCC) of Oregon decided against mandating COVID vaccines as it could discourage “students of color” from enrolling for in-person classes. PCC President Mark Mitsui was cited saying so.

Mitsui also warned that a mandate would disproportionately impact students of color, potentially excluding them from in-person classes at a higher rate.

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