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Toilets are unquestionably the most important bathroom fixture. The industry is getting bigger on a regular basis which is a good indication for consumers as the choices are increasing. However, sometimes it gets confusing to choose the best fit. There are many factors like size and height the buyer must consider before making the purchase. There is much to think about other than modern toilet designs.

Here are some factors that you must consider:

Flush Type

Modern toilets come with different flush types each offering different functionality. Dual flushers are great if you are looking forward to saving water. There are two different types of flush with dual flushers, one for fluid waste and the other for solid waste. These flushers can save you up to 70% of water consumption annually.

Low flow toilets generally consume less water than an average modern toilet. Similarly, gravity flush toilets can save water and are relatively inexpensive. They use the weight of water and gravity as a mechanism to flush water.

Pressure assisted toilets are used more for commercial locations than domestic. They are less susceptible to clogging than average toilets, so are ideal for commercial uses, such as public restrooms.

Bowl Shape

Bowl shape is another important factor to consider before buying your toilet. Elongated bowls are the most popular bowl shape in the market with an oval bowl shape usually of 19 inches. Round bowls are smaller in size of about 17 inches which makes it an amazing option for bathrooms which do not have more space.

Bowl Height

Bowl height is another factor that one must take into account. The height of the toilet will determine your comfort level. Long height is preferable if you have a problem sitting or standing. Comfortable height means that seat is about 18-20 inches off the floor. However, standard height toilets are 2 inches shorter in height.


Toilets either come in one piece or as separate two pieces. One piece is a combination bowl and tank as a single unit. These are very easy to clean and are more stable than two piece counterparts.

Two piece toilets are generally more popular and more affordable as well, having a separate tank and bowl.

Other Features

Toilets come with other different features which can enhance their functionality. A toilet with an insulated tank is ideal for places where there is aoshumid climate. Insulated tanks eliminate possibility of condensation building up.

Some toilets come with tramways which help to maintain the flow of sewage and waste water acting as a pathway. It also provides a liquid seal.


There are thousands of toilets in the market that you can choose according to your personal preference. There are a number of other factors one may consider as the above list is not exhaustive. For instance, the color scheme of the toilet may be important to many buyers. Therefore, make your decisions after doing some homework. Go through online reviews and make your purchase wisely.


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