shimano bait casting reel.

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Game fishing has come a long way in recent years. No longer can you just use any lure, reel and rod to catch whatever game you want. If you want to catch big game now, the best gear to buy is a baitcasting reel.

Even so, you cannot just buy any baitcasting reel and expect it to work well to catch whatever game you want. Here are some considerations for your benefit before buying the best baitcasting reel and you can also read a few best baitcasting reel reviews from the internet before buying.


Definitely, one of the most important features to consider in a bait casting reel is durability. Most good reels are quite expensive, and if you buy a cheap one and it falls apart after the first few uses, it wasn’t worth your money. It can also ruin your whole trip, whether you are out on your own or with family or friends.

If the reel you choose is not very durable, you will have to be very careful with it which might hinder your performance when you are actually fishing.


The power of your bait casting reel is also a huge factor to consider. The power you should buy depends mainly on the kind of use you want out of your reel. If you want to participate in tournaments, then high power reels are the best kind to own, but of course they cost more. If you only want to fish small time and mainly for leisure then it’s better to focus on durability than power.


The brakes on your bait casting reel are also a huge consideration for bait casting reels. The kind of brakes your reel has can determine the level and kind of control you will have on the lure. There are some reels that have entire panels that help you determine the kind of control you can exert on the lure.

Unique Features

The factor that separates one kind of lure from another is the kind of unique features each of these reels contain. Which features you choose depend on the uses you put your reel to.

For example, some reels are known for having special brakes to maximize the control exerted on the lure. Others are known for their powerful thrust and smooth reeling. Yet others are known for minimizing backlash and some are revered for their durability, ergonomic design and lightweight body.

Examine the features for each reel and match them up with the particular uses you plan for your reel.


There are several well-known trusted bait casting reel manufacturers. Three of the best manufacturers that I like are Abu Garcia, Daiwa Tatula and Shimano.

Each of these manufacturers have different kinds of series with many unique features to amp up your fishing game. If you have another brand in mind, it is best to go online to see what other people say about the reliability, durability and value for money for that brand.