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6 Traits of an INTJ Personality Type

Zodiac signs aren’t something that I put a lot of clout behind. But then I started looking at the Myers Briggs results I received, and then I realized that there is such a thing as a personality type. Could I really fall into a category with my personality?

It turns out that I can.

And I fell into the INTJ personality type. This type is rare, with just 2% of people making up this personality type.

Before I break down the traits of this personality type, let’s first see what the INTJ acronym stands for:

If you are one of the rare members of this personality type, you’re a hard worker that is confident, idealistic, yet judging and cynical, too. These individuals can do anything that they put their minds to, but they have weaknesses, too.

Traits of the INTJ personality type include:

  1. Hard work is in your blood. When you want to do something, every obstacle in your way is destroyed. All of your hard work and effort goes into the task to find the most efficient way of achieving your goal.
  2. Independence is something you’re very proud of in life. You don’t rely on anyone else, and you know how to get things done. Attention isn’t something that you seek, and while you’re a great partner, you’re also someone that is complex. Your friend circle is small, and the relationships you keep are with people that are honest and interesting.
  3. Confidence isn’t something that you lack, and this is because you’re often right. Self-doubt isn’t part of your lifestyle because proven abilities make you analyze situations and outcomes.
  4. Validation isn’t what this strong personality type needs. Confidence helps with not needing validation, and tradition and rules aren’t at the top of your priority list. The hottest trends go to the wayside, and social conventions really aren’t a “thing” for INTJ personalities.
  5. Honesty is the best policy. An honest INTJ will be easy to find. Straight answers are better than trying to lie to a person. In fact, if this personality type has one pet peeve, it’s that they hate being lied to by people. Small talk isn’t a like either. Honest and objective, these individuals are the first people that others go to for advice because they know that they’ll be honest.
  6. Emotions are hard to express for an INTJ despite their honesty. Emotions are felt more deeply than others, and controlling these emotions is very difficult. Vulnerability keeps emotions at bay and is why INTJ personalities keep their guard up at all times. Logic is used to control emotions, and they’ll use their intellect to figure out how to fix the situation they’re dealing with and why they’re feeling a certain way.

Knowing your personality type can better help you understand who you are. You’ll be able to understand why you gravitate to certain people, why you make decisions and why independence is something you struggle with. INTJ personalities are capable of doing anything, and that makes them unstoppable when they have their mind set to a task.

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