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Alternative Medicine: Growing Mainstream?

The past taught us to trust traditional medicine. Even now, many think of charlatans when somebody mentions the term ‘alternative’. Luckily, though, perceptions are shifting.

The last few years saw an increase in acceptance of philosophies and treatments which didn’t use to be a part of mainstream medicine. Today, we sometimes call it ‘integrative medicine’.

It integrates the physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental state of the patient. It’s also much less invasive than the before used treatments. So, what’s going on in the American medical establishment?

Alternative Pain Treatment

Pain treatment is the field featuring the most significant shift towards an integrative approach. Pain is challenging to identify and treat. Besides, even when the medication is right, the painkiller addiction epidemic is an issue.

The most popular non-pharmaceutical options include electrotherapy, meditation, and supplements. However, these approaches are now mainstream in the field of alternative treatments. For instance, take a look at what Sapien Medicine is doing – now that’s innovation!

Also, the proponents of a healthy diet as a way towards better health are more vocal than ever. Evidence suggests that an anti-inflammatory diet may reduce a wide range of symptoms.

Consider the Mind

Holistic ideas are more prominent in both psychotherapy and physical treatments. A respected professor says that people notice both physical and mental benefits once they accept this approach.

Changing the mindset helps people feel better in many fields. Then, they incorporate it into every aspect of their lives, even if they were suspicious at first.

Prevent, Not Cure

Modern medicine started emphasizing the role of the lifestyle in maintaining health. That way, the focus shifted from treating illnesses to preventing them.

One way to do so is by paying attention to diet, exercise, and risk factors. Besides, self-care measures include supplements – vitamins, herbs, minerals. Those improve the general state of the body without the invasive effects of medication.

This approach, combined with a focus on overall fulfillment, leads to what we could name optimal health. Taking care of the mind and body makes people capable of leading a productive, issue-free life. So, they don’t have to step into the doctor’s office.

Final Thoughts

Alternative medicine focuses on a holistic view of well-being. While intuitively, this made sense for generations, it’s only now gaining ground in the world of Western healthcare.

An increasing number of medical professionals suggest the use of integrative treatments along with conventional medicine. As a result, more studies are examining the effectiveness of non-traditional medicine.

Seeing this development, we may expect to shift the baseline for health in the future. Besides, it may reduce healthcare costs by preventing illnesses rather than treating them.

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