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Bifilac is a laboratory-manufactured probiotic. Probiotics are rendered mainly to treat conditions of gastrointestinal disorders. Gastrointestinal disorders are caused by harmful bacteria or when the count of good bacteria that resides inside our gut declines. The good bacteria in our gut should be present in the required count to make our gut healthy and resist infectious attacks by harmful microbes. The good bacteria in the gut drive away harmful bacteria and restore gut health and the balance of the microbial ecosystem inside the gut. How can the good bacteria get support? When we feed our gut probiotics containing the good bacteria, then the good bacteria count is restored. As the good bacteria count gets restored they start multiplying on their own.

Composition of Bifilac

Tablets India manufactures Bifilac dry syrup. Bifilac dry syrup bottle is available in bottles of 50 ml. One 50 ml bottle of Bifilac syrup costs Rs 94.55. Every 5 ml of Bifilac dry syrup contains the following:

  • Two million spores of Clostridium butyrcum
  • One million spores of Bacillus mesentericus
  • Thirty million spores of Streptococus thermophilus
  • Fifty million spores of Lactobacillus sporengens

Is Probiotic good for babies?

As per biological sciences, the presence of bacteria in the human gut is a result of microbial ecosystem development. Good bacteria maintain a healthy ecosystem of the gut. The microbial ecosystem starts forming with the growth of the human body and newborn babies have a well-developed microbial ecosystem inside their gut. For the first six months, only mother’s milk is advised for the baby. Till the baby crosses six months of age the doctor’s advice no other food other than mother’s milk. Children and adults get probiotics from their meal as curds, but babies mostly take to mother’s milk immediately as that is what is best for them. As we grow older our ability to digest milk declines and so we need foods other than milk to get our nutrition. After babies cross six months of age, they are introduced to the food spectrum, but this is done slowly.

The good bacterial species, the lactic acid bacteria defined under the Lactobacillus species is present in good count in babies. Lactobacillus helps in the breakdown of milk and makes milk easily digestible for babies.

What is the role of the beneficial microbes in a babies gut?

The beneficial microbes are the good bacteria that benefit the human body in several ways. Bacteria are the first forms of life on earth. These are unicellular microbes and have been found very useful for environment, soil, and plants. Inside the human gut, the beneficial bacteria help the body to break down the food for absorption. In the large intestine, beneficial bacteria help the body to break down the undigested food matter and enables the proper elimination of wastes from the body. Lactobacillus helps in the breakdown of milk compounds. The good bacteria also increases the baby’s resistance to harmful bacteria that cause diseases like typhoid. The good bacteria help the baby develop immunity against several diseases. Lactobacillus has been found to increase the activity of the NK (natural killer) cells which make up the body’s natural defense system. The beneficial bacteria also enable the body to produce its vitamins that are essential for carrying out important body processes.

Thus the benign bacteria in a baby’s gut help the baby not only to maintain a healthy gut but the overall health of the body.

What are the gastrointestinal problems reported in babies?

Some babies may develop lactose intolerance, and that may be due to insufficient lactobacilli count. Babies like adults can develop the common gastrointestinal problem, and these may include:

  • Distention of bowel
  • Gas formation
  • Diarrhea
  • Loose stools
  • Bowel irritation and inflammation
  • Lactose intolerance

Why the baby cries so much?

Babies cry when they are in some pain or when they are hungry. Pain in the abdomen is the most common pain felt by any baby. Therefore, if the baby is showing some signs of stomach problems like loose stools, vomit and is not feeling hungry or crying too much, then it needs to be taken immediately to a doctor. Babies are very tender and cannot tell you what exactly is happening to them and hence taking them to a doctor at the first sign of any pain is of utmost importance.

Is Bifilac safe for babies?

Bifilac is safe for administering in a baby if the baby is suffering from microbial infections including infection due to bacteria and certain viruses also. The doctor may prescribe Bifilac syrup along with an antibiotic. Bifilac can also be administered to increase lactose tolerance for babies who find it difficult to digest milk.

How can Bifilac be administered to babies?

Babies are prescribed Bifilac Syrup. Five milliliters of Bifilac syrup can be given once or twice daily to babies for three or four days or as per doctor’s advice. Bifilac in syrup form is available as a dry suspension. Distilled or boiled and cooled RO water can be added to the level of the mark on the syrup bottle. The bottle should be shaken well after adding the water. Five milliliters of syrup can be measured in the titrated cap of the syrup bottle and the baby can be fed the syrup by using a clean teaspoon.

It is important to check before administering Bifilac that the medicine is within the expiry date. Bifilac syrup should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Are there any side effects of excessive probiotics in babies?

Like adults, babies can also show reactions if given an excess of probiotics. Certain babies may be allergic to specific probiotics and can show reaction when administered with those probiotic supplements. Common side effects associated with probiotics include:

  • Rashes on the baby’s skin
  • Loose motion
  • Pain in stomach
  • Gas formation in baby’s stomach

Are other probiotic medicines safe for babies?

If Bifilac cannot be purchased at the medicine store, GUT OK 50 ml dry syrup manufactured by Mankind Pharma Ltd. or Vibact dry 50 ml syrup manufactured by USV Pvt. Ltd can also be substituted. However, it becomes important to stick to a physician’s advice when medicating or supplementing babies.