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Elite Matchmaker Comments on Surprising New Research

Sherri Murphy (President) and Tammi Pickle (Vice President) of Elite Connections International

Sherri Murphy (President) and Tammi Pickle (Vice President) of Elite Connections International

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Elite Connections International CEO Sherri Murphy has weighed in on the practical takeaways of new research on the link between how someone rates their own value as a mate and how strong their immune system is. The elite matchmaker says the research shows that generally, those who are healthier consider themselves better mates[1]. The article, “Self-perceived Mate Value is Predicted by Biological and self-reported Indices of Health in Young Adults, “ was published in Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology in January of 2023. It attracted attention in various online publications.

Some are surprised by the link between the immune system and self-worth. The Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology article claims that there is no link between how good a catch someone thinks they are and whether they end up in a relationship or how many people they date. Yet New Scientist[2] says that people with healthier immune systems are also rated more attractive by others.

“I always encourage my clients to take care of themselves first while they are searching for love, “ says Sherri Murphy, CEO of Elite Connections International, one of the world’s most exclusive dating agencies. Elite Connections International is run by Murphy and her daughter Tammi Pickle, who serves as the company’s Vice President. The company has an A+ business rating and has been around since 1994. They’ve helped hundreds of couples find the perfect long-term match.

“A lot of dating is about confidence, “ says Tammi Pickle. “Our clients are wonderful people, “ she adds. “They may be back on the market after losing a spouse, or they may be busy professionals who just never had the time to meet someone. Dating again – especially after so many of us stayed indoors during Covid-can bring up old insecurities.”

“This article confirms that by taking care of oneself, taking the time to exercise, for example, which is known to boost the immune system, you also get a natural confidence boost, “ says elite matchmaker Sherri. “It confirms what we knew all along.”

Sherri Murphy (President) and Tammi Pickle (Vice President) of Elite Connections International.

The Study Also Suggests

“Our elite matchmakers’ intuition, attention to clients, and passion for excellence have been bringing successful couples together for over 28 years, “ says Murphy. “High-caliber clients tend to be healthier individuals because they have the money to invest in their health, and they respect themselves enough to invest in their own well-being in numerous ways.”

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[1] Arnocky, S., Denomme, B., Hodges-Simeon, C. et al. Self-perceived Mate Value is Predicted by Biological and self-reported Indices of Health in Young Adults. Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology (2023).


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