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How to Find The Best Beauty Clinic


Before I moved out to Scottsdale last year, I had been struggling to find a great beauty clinic that could match the wonderful Sono Bello, the clinic I used from back home. I actually found that clinic after reading the glowing Sono Bello reviews. After struggling for a few weeks I spoke with a friend who also lived in Scottsdale, about how to go about finding a great beauty clinic. Pam gave me some great tips about finding the perfect beauty clinic for me, and I wanted to share them as her advice can be applied anywhere in the world. Pam was a beautician for many years so she knows what she is talking about in terms of this subject, here is what she says about finding a great beauty clinic.


The first thing that Pam suggests to do is to put together a list of all of your local beauty clinics. A quick search online and you’ll be able to find all of the clinics in your area, the next step is to begin whittling them down. At this point Pam says to leave all options open.

Online Profiles

Pam says that as soon as you have this list together, it is time to start thinning the herd and working out which clinics look the most suitable. She tells me that the idea is to get the list down to around 2 or 3 options. To begin whittling the list down, Pam alludes to looking at online reviews for each of the clinics, check to see what kind of review and comments have been left, assuming that they are helpful. Pam says that some beauty clinics will falsely amp up the positive reviews in order to drive clients, so beware of positive reviews that look out of place.

Treatments and Prices

Once you have lost a few places from your list, Pam says that the next step is to have a look at what treatments are on offer in each location, and most importantly, how much they cost. Pam understands pricing better than you or I but you can get a general feel for how much things hosed cost. If a clinic is too expensive, lose it from the list, and if there are a huge amount of treatments available, cross those off too. Pam rightly points out that clinics offering huge amounts of different treatments simple cannot deliver each one to a high standard.


As my good friend Pam always tells me, the best way to finally decide on something is to suck it and see. When I had my final list of candidates, Pam told me to simply go into each one for a basic treatment, and see how I feel when inside. Pay particular attention to the quality of staff, the environment, the quality of the treatment and the way that the beauty clinic makes you feel.

Through Pam’s help I found a great clinic, and hopefully she can help you too.

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