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Health News: The Top 3 Benefits of Ergonomics

Businessman backache

Businessman backache at work, Office syndrome concept

There is some bad news floating around the internet space. Science now says sitting may be one the worst things you can do for your own health.

Not only is it linked to poor physical health, but it may affect your overall mood and emotional well-being.

This default position feels so natural! How can you mitigate the harmful effects of sitting at work, school, and everywhere else?

You may consider adjusting your posture and using some simple ergonomic tips and tricks.

What are the benefits of ergonomics? Continue reading to find out how ergonomics can help promote a healthy body and mind.

1. Reduce Pain in Your Neck and Back

The most vulnerable victims of your abhorrent sitting habit are your neck and back. It’s common for desk workers to sit with improper posture.

This can lead to chronic neck and back pain. This can become a lifelong ailment with serious health consequences.

Though neck and back pain is an inevitable part of the human condition and aging, there are steps we can take.

One of those steps is to improve your ergonomic position. This includes sitting up straight, sitting in an ergonomic chair, and using an ergonomic keyboard tray.

2. Improve Your Engagement at Work

Sitting with bad posture can lead to stress and fatigue. Throughout the workday, this can cause your mind to wander toward more comfortable ways of being.

You may find yourself typing an important report and thinking about taking a nap.

The truth is the world relies on productive employees in the workplace. If you find yourself sitting with chronic back and neck pain, you may not feel as motivated to complete your work.

With proper posture and ergonomics, you may become your boss’s new favorite employee. In addition, you may find yourself with more energy and in better spirits than before.

3. Improve Your Heart Health

Sitting for long periods of time has associations with decreases in heart health. Too much sitting can even lead to heart disease or untimely death.

This isn’t just an affliction of the sedentary desk worker. This is true for crane operators and other jobs requiring a lot of sitting.

If you work at a computer, you might consider a standing desk. Studies show standing desks may help decrease the risk of developing heart disease.

In addition to a decreased risk of heart disease, standing more may help you avoid diabetes and other health complications.

Benefits of Ergonomics in Everyday Life

The harmful effects of sitting don’t end when you exit the office at the end of each day. You may find yourself sitting a lot at home and in social settings.

You should always make a conscious effort to improve your posture and enjoy the benefits of ergonomics. You may find yourself in a better mood and becoming a much more productive member of society.

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