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Highly Ranked Fitness and Sports Blog – Bob Mims Memphis – Drops Paywall Plans

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Sports fans across the country have been happy to hear that Bob Mims Memphis, a very popular blog dedicated to sports and fitness, will remain free to access. Originally, a paywall would have been implemented by the end of this year, but due to a surge in popularity of the site, this has now been dropped. People are encouraged to find out more through this link.

One of this country’s favorite sports and fitness blogs, Bob Mims Memphis, had intended to implement a paywall by December 2018. However, the owner of the site, Bob Mims himself, is proud to announce that the site will now continue to be free. As a result, sports fans will be able to receive all the high quality content they have come to love and rely on without having to pay for the privilege.

Bob Mims himself explains: “When I started my blog, I knew that I would only be able to offer it for free for a short period of time. Unfortunately, we all need to make money somehow. However, by the start of August, I had three times as many readers and subscribers as what I had expected to have by the end of this year. Hence, I am very pleased to be able to drop my paywall plans, leaving the site free to access instead.”

Over the past year, Bob Mims Memphis has grown tremendously in popularity. So much so, in fact, that most search engines now rank it as the top result on their search results pages. This has further increased traffic to the sites themselves, enabling Mims to keep the site up and running for free.

Mims himself has a background in accountancy. At the same time, however, he is committed to sports, fitness, health, and his family. For years, he has been able to share his love for basketball with his children, with whom he plays every week. At the same time, he has now coached 60 individual basketball seasons. Win or lose, Mims believes that every season has been an opportunity to learn.

He states: “Last year was abysmal in terms of wins: we didn’t have any! However, we all learned so much during this season. Not only did we learn about the sport, however, we also learned important things about ourselves, true life lessons that we can all apply to our daily lives, becoming better people overall. That is really what playing sports is all about – self-improvement.”

According to Bob Mims Memphis is one of this country’s best places to live and work in. For him personally, it is also the ideal location to engage in his Christian faith and values. As a Christian, he lives his life according to the values of Jesus Christ and all that he does is done in an effort to become a better person, worthy of the salvation and forgiveness of the Lord. For Mims, Christianity and faith in the Lord is what drives him to be who he is and to always seek to improve himself. In fact, even his passion for health and fitness stems from his faith, as he feels the Lord has graced humans with a body that must be properly maintained and looked after in order to better serve Him. Mims ends: “I believe in doing good for myself and for the Lord. My focus is particularly on health and fitness, because this has such a significant cumulative impact on life in general.”

It is not expected that Bob Mims Memphis will put a paywall in place at a later stage.

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