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How Effective Is the Carnivore Diet?

There have been a lot of crazy diet fads over the years. Some of which include the grapefruit diet where people eat nothing but grapefruit for up to 12 days, the baby food diet, which involves replacing breakfast and lunch with 14 jars of baby food, and the five-bite diet, where participants skip breakfast, then eat five bites of food for lunch and 5 bites of food for dinner. Though some people still go on these diets, they have not only been proven to be ineffective, but downright dangerous.

Some of the most effective and healthy types of diets include the vegan diet, the Atkins diet, and intermittent fasting. Many dieters get results by increasing the amount of protein they consume while decreasing the amount of carbs. A few examples of this type of diet include the paleo diet and low-carbs diet. Increasing protein and decreasing carbs is also done by those who go on the carnivore diet. But how effective is it?

The Carnivore Diet

This type of diet is also appropriately referred to as the meat-only diet, or zero carb diet. On this type of diet, participants are encouraged to cut out carbs completely by only consuming massive quantities of beef. And even though other types of meat including lamb, pork, chicken, fish, and even eggs are allowed, the emphasis is on beef. The type of beef doesn’t matter, it can be in the form of steak, hamburger, and roast. Many people on a carnivore diet are also encouraged to eat supplemental fats, such as heavy cream, MCToil, and ghee. For snacks, jerky is touted as a great option. Drinking bone broth and lots of water, is also highly recommended.

According to carnivore diet enthusiasts, besides weight loss, other health benefits include better heart health, lower inflammation, higher testosterone levels, fewer digestive problems, and increased mental clarity. This diet is also simple to follow as participants don’t have to measure food quantities nor do they have to count calories.

Opponents of the diet are cautious, however, as they say an all-meat diet can increase the chances of colon cancer. They also say that participants can become deficient in certain minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin C. While some people do have good results with the carnivore diet, health experts say, it is not for everyone. They also highly recommend talking with a doctor or nutritionist before embarking on any kind of diet plan.

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