helped me lose weight.

For many years I struggled with my weight, often yo-yoing up and down and never really getting the physique I wanted. Years of fad dieting and binge eating had taken its toll and when I reached the age of 30 I realized I just couldn’t shift the weight like I had in the past, something that I was now extremely committed to. My best friend Michelle Marquez is a real health freak and she has always maintained a great figure and a healthy lifestyle. After trying and failing to lose weight after my 30th birthday I finally plucked up the courage to ask her for help. Helping a friend to lose weight isn’t easy but Michelle was absolutely brilliant with me and last month I finally reached my goal weight. If you are helping a friend in this way, perhaps you can take some tips from how Michelle helped me.


My first sit down with Michelle when we were trying to plan out what would we do to help me lose weight was very tough indeed and I had no idea that she would be so brutal. We talked about how much I weighed, what kind of lifestyle I had and what kind of diet I ate. Michelle actually gave me a real dressing down during that chat and reminded me of the health risks associated with being overweight, and how it would impact both my life and my family’s. That night I was furious with her because I’d asked for help not a lecture, looking back it was exactly what I needed in order to light the fire.


If I’d asked some friends of mine for help with this they may have made some time to go for a run with me but nothing much beyond that, not Michelle. In fact 2 days after our conversation she put together a meal plan for me for the following week, as well as an exercise plan to follow. She told me in no uncertain terms that if I cheated on my diet more than once, then she wasn’t going to help me any more. I was amazed at how committed she was and so I didn’t cheat, not even once.

Being There

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Michelle also came with me to work out at the gym and help me to push myself, we went shopping together and she educated me on healthy foods, and she was only ever a text message away if I needed support. The truth is I think that Michelle enjoyed doing this for me but beyond this she helped me out because she is a great friend and she wanted to help me to improve my life. Those late night chats when I wanted to devour a sugary treat were so important for me and without her input I would never have been able to achieve what I have in terms of my weight loss, and I will be forever in her debt.