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Is COVID-19 a Planned Poisoning of the World Using Snake Venom?

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The nature and origins of the so-called COVID-19 has been the subject of serious speculation and numerous independent investigations and hypotheses for over 2 years. Now a new documentary by independent journalist Stew Peters has sent shockwaves through the internet by linking COVID-19 and its officially approved treatment to snake venom.

Interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis

Titled Watch the Water, the film features Stew’s interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis, who shares his personal investigation into the suppressed scientific details of the link between COVID-19 and its treatments – the mRNA COVID vaccines and the drug Remdesivir – and snake venom. Dr. Ardis connects the dots between the medical establishment’s narrative against seemingly effective treatments like hydroxochloroquine, the many deaths of people put on Remdesivir in hospitals, and the enzymes related to neurotoxins found in venomous snakes.

Dr. Ardis expressed his total lack of trust in the government health agencies including the CDC, NIH, and FDA. According to him, these agencies mislead people into doing opposite of what is really good for their health and safety.

Media Response to the Documentary

USSA News summarized the key points of the investigation of Dr. Bryan Ardis, as revealed in Watch the Water. While everything shared in the interview is mindblowing, particularly shocking is  Dr. Ardis’s suspicion that the perpetrators of this planned mass poisoning project may have used drinking water as a source to spread the illness by contamination with the infectious agent derived from snake venom.

Explosive as the claims in Stew Peters documentary are, the mainstream media has assumed a collective and suspicious silence over them. Stew mentions in his intro to the documentary that he suspects the recent incident of his house getting SWATTed is a result of this documentary. On the other hand, independent and alternative information platforms are welcoming Dr. Ardis to talk about his findings via their shows. On April 15, Natural News posted the video of Dr. Bryan Ardis discussing with Mike Adams his investigation.

Snake Venom Research and COVID Deaths

It is worth noticing that in August 2021, a University of Arizona study reported that an enzyme called Phospholipase A2, found naturally in snake venom, is associated with death by COVID-19. Titled “Group IIA secreted phospholipase A2 is associated with the pathobiology leading to COVID-19 mortality” the study was published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. This corroborates the part of Dr. Ardis’s hypothesis that COVID-19 is linked not to a respiratory virus found in bats in Wuhan but to snake venom.

In his interview with Stew Peters, Dr. Ardis cites the work of Bing Liu, a Chinese professor at the University of Pittsburgh carrying out research on sequencing of COVID spike proteins soon after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. In May 2020, Liu was suddenly murdered, shot to death multiple times, at his house. BBC reported his death, adding that it had nothing to do with his research.

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