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Military Seeing Surge of Cancer and other Diseases after COVID Vaccination

One year of mass vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines is associated with a huge increase in debilitating and life-threatening health conditions in the vaccinated segment of the U.S. military, as revealed by data in the latest panel discussion on pandemic response hosted by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

Huge Rise in Cancer and Other Diseases

The Gateway Pundit is one of the sources that reported on the panel session held on January 24, 2022.  The nearly five-hour-long session was aired live on Rumble where it remains posted for public viewing. It was also posted to Senator Johnson’s website on January 25th.

During the event, medical billing data from the Department of Defense (DOD) was presented by Ohio attorney Thomas Renz to reveal the surge in serious diseases and health problems among the vaccinate military personnel since the COVID vaccines were introduced in early 2021 following a rushed research-and-manufacture process by the authorities in 2020.

The health problems reported included: ten times increase in neurological disorders, three-fold increase in incidence of cancer, and three-fold increase in miscarriages among others. Renz was cited saying:

We have substantial data showing that we saw, for example, miscarriages increasing by 300% over the five-year average, almost. We saw almost 300% increase in cancer over the five-year average.

The Blaze Confirms Data with Military Doctors

The story adds that senior editor Daniel Horowitz of The Blaze corresponded with Renz and shared that other diseases that rose by nearly three to nearly five times than pre-vaccination average in the military during this time include: myocardial infarction (heart attack), Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis), congenital malformations (for children of military personnel), female infertility, and pulmonary embolisms (blockage of arteries in lungs).

Horowitz was reportedly able to verify these reports independently with three whistleblowers from within the military. The Blaze reported today on the panel session during which the military doctors shared under the penalty of perjury the details of the diseases associated with COVID vaccination. The story raised the question:

Why would the military not have blown the whistle and warned the CDC right away about this data?

The army has previously been found snubbing its doctors for reporting vaccine injuries.

Image by lukasmilan from Pixabay
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