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Moderna Vaccine Carrying Magnetic Particles

Moderna vaccine for COVID has been found to contain foreign particles that reportedly are magnetic in nature. The alarming news from Japan about the Moderna vaccine is largely being ignored by the mainstream media.

BusinessLIVE published a story today reporting that Japan halted the use of 1.63 million doses of Modena vaccine after receiving reports of foreign particles in vaccine vials from multiple vaccination sites across the country. The story did not look further into the issue as to what kinds of particles were found in the vaccine and who exactly detected the presence of these potentially dangerous particles.

However, NHK World-Japan quickly followed up on the story to report that the foreign particles were fund in unopened vials of Moderna vaccine at 8 vaccination sites in Japan, adding that the vaccine was manufactured in a Spanish factory.

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Nature of Particles in Moderna Vaccine

The story on NHK also says that the particles found in the vaccine vials are magnetic in nature and are hence considered to be of some metal though not clear at this point what kind of metal.

Officials say the foreign substances are in the form of particles and believed to be metal as they are attracted to a magnet.

The news of magnetic particles detected in the vaccine vials of Moderna brand seem to add weight to the many reports of vaccinated people experiencing magnetism in their arms where they got a COVID jab, either Moderna or Pfizer.

Such reports were first ignored by the mainstream media but finally called not credible without explaining the observation of magnetism in dozens of videos on social media or launching any serious investigation.

Lack of Concern

The seriousness of the news from Japan is apparently being ignored by the mainstream media as well as leadership and health authorities. A very small number of mainstream media have reported the story and are showing no journalistic curiosity. Leaders and health authorizes are silent as well without any concern for public health safety. Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, as cited by The Japan Times, announced the issue won’t affect the national vaccine rollout plans.

Graphene Oxide in Pfizer Vaccine

Last month, reports of Spanish researchers finding graphene oxide in Pfizer vaccine for COVID 19 made news but the establishment media and corporate science ignored the otherwise shocking revelation. The FDA recently approved the Pfizer vaccine for ages 16 and older.

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