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Myths Busted on Cosmetic Procedures by Clinics Like Sono Bello


Being from Bellevue, wa, I am well aware of the many different cosmetic clinics that exist in the area. While this is helpful for anybody who hopes to look their best and does not mind achieving this cosmetically, there have also been some very strange comments on what these procedures actually can achieve. This is why several clinics, including Sono Bello, have come together to bust some of the most common myths related to cosmetic procedures. While they dont claim to have all the answer, they feel it is necessary to review on the amp the do’s and dont’s of plastic surgery.

Sono Bello Reviews Common Myths

The biggest myth around is that liposuction is a fantastic weight loss method that removes the need for diet and exercise. The reality is that people would prefer to not have to work at having a beautiful and toned body. And while it is true that liposuction can remove fat from very difficult areas, it is no replacement for the health benefits of a proper diet and exercise regime. Rather, it is about removing some fat and contouring the body. Those who retain the same habits will simply put the fat back on.

The second big myth is that liposuction is far more effective than ever before and that the effects are instantly noticeable. This is due to the aggressive marketing of so-called lunchtime lipos. True liposuction, which is certainly more effective now than it was 20 years ago due to advances in Medical Science, still requires a local anaesthetic and incisions, and there is a recovery period two expect. Lunchtime lipos tend to be lipolysis procedures.

Then, there is the idea that those who have had liposuction but still have a disproportionate body or gain weight again, have fallen victim to a botched procedure. While it is certainly possible that this has happened, it is far more likely that people have not committed themselves to living a healthy lifestyle. Just as someone who has had gastric surgery can put weight back on if they feed on nothing but chocolate cake, the same is true for someone who has had lipo surgery.

Last but not least, there is the idea of that liposuction will remove all cellulite from the body. Cellulite isn’t caused by being overweight however. Rather, it is caused by damage to the fatty tissue, which builds up in certain parts of the body. Cellulite is not removed at all through liposuction. In fact, it is quite common for it to become worse because the fat cells that have been removed make it easier to see the cellulite.

If you are in Bellevue, wa, and you want to have liposuction completed to make your body look better, make sure that you properly review the different clinics that can help you. Feel free to ask questions about the above myths. A good clinic will always be truthful about the effects that you can experience and expect, always being realistic in what is and isn’t possible.

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