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What You Need to Know Before Checking into Drug Rehab

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When an addict is ready to take the first positive steps toward trying to live a healthy drug-or alcohol-free lifestyle, there are many things to consider before entering a treatment facility. An important element in seeking a successful treatment program is finding a facility whose mission and purpose line up with the addicts short and long-term goals. To accomplish that, there are several important factors to consider.

What Programs Are Offered

Choosing a facility that offers a program tailored to an addict’s needs is especially important for reaching a successfully completing their stay and setting the foundation for a healthy lifestyle post-rehab. Doing research on multiple facilities beforehand can allow one to find a program fit for their addiction issues. Detox, one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy, additional lifestyle programs, and may all be offered by some rehab facilities but not others. It is important to choose a program that best fits the supportive and constructive needs of the addict.


Depending on the type of treatment being sought, location may play a big factor in which facility is chosen. Having family nearby and able to attend family therapy sessions as part of an addict’s recovery process may be very important in reaching an addict’s goals. Or, removing oneself completely from their stressors and usual environment would greatly benefit some addicts. There are drug rehab facilities in every different type of geographical area. Some are located in cities, like the Addiction Detox Center in San Francisco. A city setting may be ideal for many with its easy access to stores and activities, especially if participating in a post-recovery program. Other facilities may be on sandy beaches or tucked away in the mountains, providing a calm and soothing environment free of distractions.

Staff and Facility Credentials

There are many types of treatment facilities that seek to aid in the treatment and recovery of an addict in different ways. Whether medical, clinical, or spiritual, a drug rehab facility should have accreditations or credentials from a well-known and respected source. It should also have experienced professionals to guide and assist in the treatment plan, such as a Psychologist, therapists with a degree in a related field, certified counselors, and possibly a medical director. Each facility will vary with the amount and type of staff, but ensuring they are extremely knowledgeable and well-trained in addiction recovery is essential.

Cost and Insurance

Depending upon the type of facility, the cost of attending an in-patient treatment program may be very costly. It is important to check insurance policies and perhaps even call the insurance provider to find out exactly what facilities are covered by the insurance plan. Varying from very basic dorm-like residences to luxurious spa-like settings, an addict’s financial situation and insurance coverages may greatly limit the options of recovery placement. It is also important to discuss how long the insurance plan covers treatment and if post-recovery options are covered as well.

Choosing to change one’s life for the better and turn away from the control of addiction of any kind is a very brave step toward a more fulfilling and free life. There are many resources available to help in choosing the right drug rehab facility. A perfect placement helps to enrich the addict’s life with knowledge and teaches better choices while greatly decreasing the chances of a relapse, allowing the addict to reach their full potential.

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