Skincare Tips for Office Workers and Executives

Working as an employee in a corporation often means spending hours every day in an air-conditioned office and working in front of a computer. Just being indoors most of the time is a mixed blessing for the skin since there’s no worry about exposure to UV rays, but there is a lack of vitamin D.

Being indoors and in an air-conditioned room all day is not without its challenges. The office environment could cause some serious skin issues. Here are the top skincare tips to help prevent and solve those issues.

Use Sunscreen

Just being indoors most of the time doesn’t mean sunscreen isn’t needed. Going out for lunch or for a meeting in a client’s office, the short exposure to sunlight is enough to affect the skin.

Instead of applying sunscreen as a standalone product, find moisturizers or foundations that contain sufficient protection against UV rays. Women can then get sufficient protection every time they apply makeup or beauty products.

Moisturise Often

Constant exposure to air-conditioning could also lead to skin drying out the way it would under the sun all day. The low humidity produced by air conditioners doesn’t allow the skin to maintain its moisture.

Frequent hydration is also a good idea. This is a problem many office workers face; they end up with dry skin because they don’t drink enough water throughout the day. The drying effect can be severe enough to start seeing blemishes and rashes.

Office workers who get a rash should visit a dermatologist immediately. Get treatment from the best places, so UK workers can go to the London Dermatology Centre. This centre can help make sure that skin is taken care of and doesn’t get damaged due to the lack of moisture.

Watch Out for Stress

High levels of stress can affect the skin in more ways than one, especially when that stress isn’t controlled properly. The most common symptom of uncontrolled stress is a breakout of acne on the face, chest, and back.

There are several things to avoid suffering from a similar breakout. Managing stress levels is the first step to take. Another is to adjust diet so that the body receives more fibre and lean protein.

Effects of Makeup

One last skin problem to anticipate is the skin damage caused by excessive use of makeup. When working in a corporate environment, wearing makeup is the norm for women. This means relying on makeup and beauty products every day.

Always choose beauty products that work well with your skin. Signs of irritation after trying a new foundation or BB cream should result in abandoning the product immediately. Also limit the amount of makeup used; allow the skin to breathe naturally through its pores as much as possible.

Lastly, always clean the makeup off thoroughly at the end of the day. Use aloe vera gel or other natural products to further moisturise the skin.

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