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Vaping is spreading throughout today’s pop culture with a fury. With increasing popularity, people are reaching for an e-device for help quitting traditional tobacco products, or because it’s a reportedly less harmful way to enjoy nicotine and the flavor of tobacco. The devices are sleek and attractive, there are a variety of stimulant levels to pick from, and a plethora of tastes that make it easy to customize your experience.

In 2014, vaping surpassed the use of common forms of tobacco among young people in the U.S., with industry forecasts pointing to a $50 billion marketplace worldwide by 2023. Today, scientists are not only studying e-cigarettes to understand how they affect people’s health, but also the process behind vaping and what’s exactly going on inside your e-cigarette.

Today’s scientific exploration of smoking vs. electronic cigarettes is leading to some exciting results. In Jan. 2018, the National Academy of Sciences issued a comprehensive report that determined e-cigarettes don’t contain the estimated 7, 000 potentially harmful chemical elements that tobacco smoke does. This is one more study by a highly trusted source that agrees e-cigarettes might be a safer option than combustible tobacco cigarettes. Let’s unearth the answers to some of your most compelling questions with our Science Behind Vaping infographic.

How Does Vaporization Work?

Vaping heats liquid extracts without combustion, gently releasing the nicotine and flavors – from dessert-like vape juices to exotic tropical delights – without the same health consequences of yesterday’s cigarettes. What kind of science is happening inside your device to produce that incredible vapor?

Do you understand the different components in your vape pen? From the tank to the wick and the coil, you’ll learn how they all work together. Find out the vital role your atomizer has in the vaping process, and why this is where all the magic happens.

What’s in Vape Juice?

Discover what top four compounds go into your favorite vape juice, and how temperature is critical to the best overall experience. Find out which ingredients do what, so you can narrow down your choice of e-liquids in an overwhelming market.

Check official sites to discover what is in vape juice because while some are benign, others may not be.

Vaping Techniques: Does It Matter?

There are two main ways to vape? From mouth-to-lung (MTL) or direct-lung (DL), scholarly research can help pick the best technique for you.

You’ll also figure out how to determine which ratio of ingredients to use for which method. Do you know what ohms are and what they have to do with your vaping session?

You want to know the ins and outs of vaping science, and armed with the basics from our infographic, you’ll have the knowledge you need to make good decisions. The science behind vaping is another exciting part of the this hobbyist’s world.