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Tips On Enhancing Mobility For Your Loved One With A Disability


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Does your loved one or parent have a form of disability? Does this cause him to be less mobile than you would like him to be? The good news is, there are many products on the market today that can help enhance daily living. Whether it’s traveling safely outside of the home or maneuvering properly indoors, having some extra help with mobility can improve quality of life greatly. Here are just a few options that may help your parent or loved one feel a little more independent.

Hearing And Vision Enhancers

Something that many seniors face is vision and hearing impairments. This is expected with age, but with an underlying disease, it can make vision loss a more rapid occurrence. Adding a vision enhancer can help make living independently more attainable. A magnifier that helps make it easier to read in addition to glasses that your loved one already wears can make it easy to make quick decisions and get results. It helps with reading medication bottles, instructions, and menus when traveling outside of the home. Many companies sell special glasses or hand-held magnifiers that make it easier to accomplish simple or complex tasks. If your parent suffers from hearing issues but isn’t quite ready for a hearing aid or assistive device, some other options include:

Using a combination of things from First Street Online products for seniors can help improve quality of life by enhancing physical independence.

Power And Mobility Scooters

If your loved one uses a walker or cane, it can be difficult to walk long distances due to exhaustion. Even if he is partially or fully wheelchair bound, a manual chair can only take him so far. A step up would be a power scooter or physical mobile device. Choosing a power scooter that will get your loved one from point A to B faster and safer, is a great option. Getting your loved one their own power scooter is beneficial because it can be custom made and tailored to their size and need. There are scooters for every budget and lifestyle. Having a personalized power scooter eliminates having to track one down at a store or doctor’s office and boosts overall mobility.

Assisted Lifting Devices

Have you noticed a steady decline in your loved one’s physical capabilities? A lift may be the way to go to help enhance overall physical independence. A mechanical or Hoyer lift can be placed:

There are a variety of lifts on the market that can help make life easier for your loved one. It enhances portability and reduces the risk of injury to the caregiver and injury to the patient. Ask your parent’s doctor for a referral to a DME or durable medical equipment company to explore what the options are.

Physical And Occupational Therapy

No matter how severe or degenerative a person’s physical health is, they can always benefit from some form of physical or occupational therapy. Physical therapy helps to improve range of motion and strengthens core muscle group that are in distress. Sometimes aqua therapy and other forms of rehabilitative therapy are included with physical therapy sessions. In addition to aqua therapy, therapy outside of the water, including sailing can also help improve the physical well being. Therapeutic sailing can help enhance physical and mental ability by offering a new lease on outdoor sports and overall independence. Many of these sessions are accompanied by trained physical therapists and psychologists to offer support throughout the entire experience. Utilizing several methods to help improve or teach enhanced mobility can greatly improve your loved one’s life and help them to remain as independent as possible.

If your loved one is facing some physical setbacks, don’t give up. An assisted living facility or skilled nursing care center is often the last resort. Seek multiple resources until you find something that is beneficial both physically and mentally to allow your loved one to remain at home independently.

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