Top 6 Weight Loss Diets You Can Try This Year 1

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Having a bulge in the stomach is not the only sign of being overweight. You could be doing your everyday activities as fine as ever but the accumulated fat would be waiting to take a toll on your body eventually. This stored fat in the body has as a list of side effects while doesn’t tend to end going all the way to death. However, this doesn’t mean that all the progress we have done in science hasn’t succeeded in introducing ways to lose weight effectively.

There’s hardly any part of the world that is not affected by obesity and teenagers are not searching the web, readings books only to find a way to get rid of those extra pounds. There are many who do not have an idea about the diet that they should use in order to get the most effective results. This is exactly why this article lets you know six diet for an effective weight loss.

#1. Low fat diet

In the name of being concerned about obesity what most people end up doing is removing calories from their diet. This diet is followed by most of the people who come to realize the very first time that they are having an excess amount of weight. Curbing down the fat content, removing the intake of cholesterol, as well as, sticking to a low calorie diet are some but not all features of this diet.

Anyone following a low fat diet has to restrict themselves from the intake of saturated fat in order to achieve the desired weight goal. As a result of this, number of heart diseases can be prevented.

#2. Ketogenic diet

Strongly bursting the bubble the people usually have about the intake of fat, a ketogenic diet has a significant amount of fat in it because of which the calorie count is high. It pushes the person’s body into a state called ketosis in which ketones are used to supply energy to the body. Fat present in the food along with that stored in the body is burnt so as to form those ketones.

Basically, the job that glycogens had with your body gets replaced by ketones. This is how fat is used as the fuel for your body, thus letting you get rid of those extra pounds. There are a number of ketogenic food items that you can find in the market along with keto supplements known to provide the best results. However, do not forget to consult a skilled dietitian before starting a ketogenic diet plan or any other weight loss diet for that matter. If you want to see what a typical day on keto looks like, check these meal plans!

#3. Raw foodism

This type of diet mostly focuses on unprepared or uncooked food to be consumed by the person. Over the recent years, raw foodism has become quite popular because there are numerous people who like their food easy to be processed by their body.

#4. Atkins diet

This is yet another common diet to shed the excess amount of weight without having to choose any surgical methods. It might seem similar to a ketogenic diet because of being high in fat content, however, this diet employs a time approach that the former doesn’t.

Carb content is the real game of Atkins diet as its second phase introduced additional carb intake. You can discuss with your doctor if the Atkins diet is going to be the most suitable for your body.

#5. Starvation diet (very low-calorie diet)

The name might be scary for you but the truth is that the total carb intake of the body in this type of diet is 800 kilocalories or less. Reducing the total food intake of the body by this much extent is what curbs down the weight of the body.

However, this diet is not for everybody especially kids because of a significant fraction of weight gets reduced under VLCDs. This is the reason the most common people choosing this diet are pregnant women as well as breastfeeding women.

#6. Whole food

Most people stick to whole foods like legumes, fruits, whole grains so as to get their desired health goals. The whole purpose of a whole food diet is to reduce the total food processing done by the body. You can also go for this diet if you want to lose weight in an effective manner.

Regardless of the type of diet you choose to lose weight, make sure to discuss with your dietician before you implement a new diet. Ignoring the current health conditions can be fatal if you’re making dietary changes. Make sure you always calculate the risks, if any.