What Are The Ingredients Inside CBD Oil and How Can They Benefit Your Health? 1

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CBD oil comes in many different forms but they all share one main ingredient which is cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring cannabinoid which means it is all-natural and found in the cannabis plant.

There are other 100 different cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant (113 is the stated number right now) and they take up around 40% of the cannabis plants total extract.

Cannabidiol is what is believed to give CBD oil its amazing medical properties and although it isn’t the only ingredient found in CBD oil it is the main one and most active. So, let’s take a more in-depth look at cannabidiol, shall we?


Cannabidiol has many uses and is used in the medical industry to treat chronic pain and can be used to treat certain types of childhood epilepsy as well. When used in hemp-based CBD oil products cannabidiol is believed to hold a wide range of health properties and it can help with both physical and neurological conditions. For more information on this, check out the following site: https://www.senseicbdoil.com – they have a wide range of resources and information on CBD Oil.

More evidence is needed before we can say for sure but there is strong support for many of its perceived benefits. Cannabidiol for example as a lot of evidence to support the belief that it is an effective way to treat anxiety because of its strong anti-anxiety properties as well as other similar disorders like depression.

As the most active ingredient in CBD oil cannabidiol is very important so you should ensure any CBD oil product you buy (no matter what type) is high-quality. The recent rise in the popularity of CBD oils as seen many websites with poor-quality oils set-up so look out for COA certificate of any products you buy.

This stamp will ensure you are buying a high-quality oil. Cannabidiols have a lot of potential benefits for your health and only very limited side effects. Some of the known side effects are sleepiness, feelings of fatigue and a decreased appetite.

However, many of the reports from people who use CBD oils say they don’t feel side effects at all. While cannabidiol is the main active ingredient in CBD oil products there are other ingredients to look at as well.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

One of the other main ingredients in CBD oils is THC, this is another of the 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. THC is the main principal psychoactive constituent in cannabis and while this is what THC is most known for it does have many health benefits as well.

THC is also a prime ingredient in medical marijuana and although it is much less potent in hemp-based CBD oils it carries many of the same health-boosting benefits. Further research is still needed for some of the supposed benefits but there is a lot of evidence to support the health benefits of THC.

So, what benefits do we know about when it comes to THC? For one thing, there is strong evidence that shows it can help combat cancer and slow tumour growth. It can also be an effective pain reliever, stimulate the appetite and prevent seizures. THC is a valuable ingredient in hemp-based CBD oils but it does have to be measured carefully.

Hemp-based CBD oils can’t have any more than 0.3% of THC, if they have any higher then they will usually be labelled as just CBD oils or marijuana-based oils. Marijuana-based oils have around 30% of THC which is much higher than the amount you find in hemp-based oils.

The lower percentage of THC in hemp-based oils will ensure there is no risk of a high from using them. But even with just a small amount of THC hemp-based oils still provide a lot of potential health benefits and you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting a high.

The Oil

Finally, let’s look at the oil itself you can’t have CBD oil without oil after all can you? The oil blend that makes up CBD oils can vary from product to product but let’s look at some of the main variations. One of the main types of oil blends used is developed from hemp-based seeds themselves which have a variety of health benefits and include beneficial phytonutrients.

So, hemp seed oil is one of the best variants of oil blends however not all hemp-based oils will use it. Some use coconut oil blends because coconut oil is believed to help with digestion and absorption so while hemp seed based oils do have their benefits other oil blends may be better when it comes to absorbing the oil.

Coconut oil also has a variety of benefits as well as it helps lower cholesterol, moisturisers the skin and can even help kill fungi and bacteria. While hemp seed oils provide essential fatty acids and evidence shows it can help reduce the risk of heart disease as well.

So both forms of oil have their benefits and in the majority of cases, the ingredients in the oil will be full of health-boosting ingredients. But which type of oil blend your prefer whether it be hemp seed oil or coconut oil will ultimately come down to personal preference.

Are There Any Other Ingredients?

I’ve talked about the main ingredients of CBD oil in detail but of course, CBD oil is not composed of just these three things is it? There are numerous other ingredients in CBD oils and they will, of course, vary from product to product but these are the main things to be aware of and the ingredients that will provide the most health benefits.

However, one last thing to be aware of is any fragrances or scents that have been added to the oils. Some of these fragrances will be made using chemicals that can have potentially harmful effects or they may cause allergic reactions. So, whenever possible I would recommend sticking with more natural CBD oils.

CBD oils could hold a wide range of health-boosting benefits and now you know what is inside it you’ll have a better idea of how it works and how it could help you in your day to day life. Since the introduction of the new farm bill, ecommerce providers are quickly rolling out CBD products, with investors piling into this space. Analysts predict that CBD is now the hottest startup trend in Europe and the US. Read more about it here: https://www.newstrail.com/top-5-e-commerce-startup-ideas-for-2019/