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As new brands emerge every day, CBD products become widely available and easily accessible. But the great number of brands, products, and concentrations can make it difficult to determine which CBD product is the best for you. Should you choose CBD oil, tinctures, capsules, lotions, edibles, sprays … ?

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the seven most popular CBD products at the moment. Besides listing the best ways to take CBD, this article also describes each product and its effectiveness, along with recommendations on how to use it properly.

Note: Choose a brand that offers certificates of lab tests, as well as a confirmation that they use domestic hemp. In addition, make sure to consult your doctor regarding the product ‘s dosage, especially if you’re already taking any prescription medications.

Top CBD Products and How to Use Them

1. Edibles

One of the great advantages of CBD edibles is that they come in numerous delicious flavors and are easy to chew. Depending on your unique needs, you can choose CBD gummies, syrups, shots, gums, etc.

How to take: CBD edibles come in packages that allow easy dosing. In addition, they are portable, discreet, and can be taken on the go. Whether you’re at work, home, or traveling, you can simply place them in your briefcase or purse and take them anywhere you want without drawing unwanted attention.

You can take CBD edibles any time during the day to help you relax. CBD syrup is usually taken mixed with juice before bedtime to help you get a good night sleep.

2. Concentrates

Compared to other CBD products, concentrates usually contain the strongest doses of cannabidiol. To be more precise, they can be ten times stronger than other CBD products.

On the positive side, concentrates are quite convenient because they can be consumed in a matter of seconds. However, CBD concentrates often come unflavored, which can be a problem for those who don’t like cannabidiol is natural flavor.

How to take: Place the concentrate under the tongue and slowly ingest.

3. Tinctures

According to market stats, tinctures are the most commonly used CBD product. This is due to the fact that, along with CBD concentrates, tinctures are the purest form of CBD. Some brands flavor the tinctures but most of them don’t process the CBD oil separately.

How to take: Place 2-3 drops under or on the tongue. Since tinctures are known to be more effective when not swallowed immediately, try to keep the drops in your mouth as long as you can. Typical doses are from 100mg to 1000mg. If you’re a newbie, start with 100mg, then slowly increase the dosage after a week or so.

4. Vapes

Compared to CBD tinctures and concentrates, CBD vapes seem to be less effective. On the other hand, vaporizing and smoking CBD oil allows for more consistent absorption and immediate effects. Smoking CBD also allows you to easily adapt the dosage depending on how you feel.

How to take: In order to smoke or vaporize CBD oil, you’ll need a vaporizer, vape pen, or e-cigarette. Add the oil to the chosen device, heat it, and inhale.

5. Capsules

CBD capsules are probably the easiest form of CBD to use. And since each capsule contains a set amount of cannabidiol (usually from 10mg to 25mg), it’s easy to adjust the dosage according to your daily needs.

How to take: Simply take the capsule(s) with a glass of water.

6. Sprays

Compared to other CBD products, sprays contain the weakest concentration of cannabidiol. Typically, this concentration is from 1mg to 3mg. Another disadvantage is that sprays make it difficult to determine the exact dosage you’re taking due to being inconsistent. On the other hand, similar to the CBD edibles, sprays are portable and easy to use on the go.

How to take: Spray a single serving into the mouth. (Find information about the size of a serving on the bottle; usually, a typical serving is two or three sprays).

7. Topicals

CBD topicals include lotions, lip balms, saves, etc. They help with various skin and joint-related conditions including acne, psoriasis, inflammation, chronic pain, etc. They’re also used as anti-aging and cancer treatment.

When choosing CBD topicals, check the label for words like micellarization, nanotechnology, and/or encapsulation of CBD. These words mean that the formula can carry the cannabidiol through the skin layers instead of just remaining on the skin’s surface.

How to use: CBD topicals are used just like other skin care products – whenever you’re suffering from a skin condition, gently apply to the affected area.

Which CBD Product is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing the best CBD product, it’s all a matter of preference. Here are a few guidelines to help you:

  • Conduct detailed online research on CBD products and their use. Join FB groups or forums where people share their experience with CBD products and ask for recommendations.
  • Go to review sites to decide which brands are trustworthy. Since CBD is not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, it helps when a brand displays third-party test certificates and the exact amounts of CBD on its labels.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with several CBD products in order to determine which one works best for you. It may be easier to start with sprays since they have a weaker concentration of CBD or with edibles because of their delicious flavors. Then, switch to other CBD products like concentrates and tinctures to see if they’re more effective for you.