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Sidney Powell Sues the Government over Military Vaccine Mandates

Famous attorney and activist for protection of the constitution Sidney Powell is suing the Biden administration for its unconstitutional vaccine mandate that has threatened the service of many active military employees.

Sidney Powell. Screenshot @ Brand New Tube

Sidney Powell Announcing Lawsuit on Telegram

In a statement posted to her Telegram channel on Thursday, Sidney Powell said that her organization, Defending the Republic, has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 16 active-duty military service members against the federal government over the “the unconstitutional and unlawful COVID-19 vaccine mandate” that puts their service in jeopardy. The statement said that these military service members have the right to refuse the experimental vaccines and in doing so they now face severe punishment including dishonorable discharge and even potential imprisonment.

The core claims raised in the lawsuit ask the court to bar the FDA and DOD from using deceptive “bait and switch” tactics and to uphold the constitutional right of every citizen to refuse an unwanted, unnecessary and unproven vaccine.

Powell’s lawsuit is filed against the U.S. government, including the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, III, HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra, and FDA Acting Commissioner, Janet Woodcock.

FDA’s Role in Vaccine Mandate Controversy

As Sidney Powell told in her statement on Telegram, the lawsuit she filed on behalf of the military service members challenges the FDA’s unlawful “approval” of the mRNA vaccine manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Powell lists multiple reasons the lawsuit targets the approval as unlawful, including:

Powell further said that the lawsuit seeks to clarify that military service members are not the property of the American government and can’t be treated like property as ensured by the constitution.

Sidney Powell’s full statement is included below.

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