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Five Updates To Make Before Listing A Home

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Selling a home can be a great financial decision if done at the right time. While a seller’s market is likely to bring more money, there are things that ensure the best deal possible. Before listing a home, be sure it offers top notch curbside appeal. Buyers are looking for upgraded appliances and homes that require minimal repairs. Want to ensure the home attracts buyers quickly? If so, keep reading for 5 updates that bring the biggest return.

  1. Wall Fixes

One of the easiest and least expensive updates you can make to your home is to repaint the walls. A new coat of paint will hide any blemishes or marks that a buyer may notice otherwise. If your home has brightly colored walls or discolored walls, paint is a must. If possible, stick with neutral options. Some of this year’s top neutral wall colors include:

Aside from painting, there are other wall upgrades to consider. Remove wallpaper, repaint any crown molding, and remove or paint any old wood paneling.

  1. Floors Matter

Depending on the age of the home as well as the condition of the floors, consider installing new flooring throughout. Many sellers are big fans of hardwood as well as laminate hardwood flooring. If the home has its original hardwood floors, have them refinished to restore them back to their original elegance. Natural hardwood floors in good condition will be a huge selling point for any home.

The condition of carpeting really matters. Buyers aren’t looking to purchase a home with dingy stained carpet. It is also unlikely buyers want shag or crazily colored flooring. Before listing the home, have fresh carpet installed. Plush neutral-colored carpet is sure to be a hit.

Ceramic flooring should be carefully inspected to check for any cracks, chips, or grout issues. Cracked or chipped tiles should be replaced. To complete the look, clean or replace the grout.

  1. Don’t Neglect the Kitchen

The kitchen is truly the heart of any home. It’s where family time is spent and delicious meals are enjoyed. When buyers come to inspect a home, one of the hot spot areas is the kitchen. In fact, 69% of buyers view the kitchen as the selling point in realtor descriptions. Realtor also found that homes with luxury kitchens sell 8% faster.

When it comes to kitchen upgrades, the options are endless. Replace or refinish the cabinets, especially if they are outdated or heavily worn. Depending on your budget, you could purchase all new stainless steel appliances or have granite countertops installed. Even upgrading small items, such as the faucets and cabinet hardware can be huge improvements for your kitchen.

  1. A New Roof

The cost to replace a roof can range in the tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and age of the home and roof. Typically roofs last between 20 to 25 years. If the roof is reaching its end of life, it’s ideal to replace it before listing the home. In some instances, a reshingle may be all that’s needed. In some cases, the entire roof will need to be replaced. Since roofing isn’t a pocket change project, look into roof financing to avoid paying the high fees upfront. Most roofing companies offer financing for large projects which keeps more money in your pocket.

  1. Exterior Updates

A buyer’s first impression of any home starts with its exterior. Take a good look at the outside of the home. Is the siding intact and in good condition? Is the fence in good shape? How does the yard and garden look? Taking care of any exterior flaws will definitely impact the impression and therefore the price.

One upgrade you don’t want to pass up is landscaping. Ensure the lawn and garden look well-maintained. Overgrown plants or unkempt grass put a damper on the home’s look. Easy landscaping updates include:

A fresh look to the exterior of any home will increase its curbside appeal.

Upgrade for a Quicker Sale

No buyer expects a home to be perfect, but the house should portray pride of ownership. Consider these 5 updates to the home before listing it on the market. The right upgrades could mean the difference between the home being on the market for a week versus months!

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