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Benefits of MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) Systems in the Home

mvhr - mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system

A mechanical ventilation system that comes with a heat recovery feature is an excellent option for homeowners that dislike dealing with a humid environment that makes them uncomfortable. Systems are designed to work in the most uncomfortable room or across the whole house using multiple units and a full extraction system.

Here are a few of the benefits of a sophisticated MVHR system.

Removes Musty Odours

The older the property, the more it suffers from musty odours that never seem to go away even with excessive use of air freshener. It can be most unpleasant to live in a home where you just cannot get it to smell fresh, even when leaving the windows open for some fresh air. Besides which, leaving windows open is a security risk which no one wants.

Using an MVHR system, poor quality air is removed along with humidity hanging in the air too. Air is cleaned and recirculated through the heat recovery system in the property. The result is a cleaner air quality throughout the home compared to what was present before an MVHR system was installed.

Lower Energy Costs

MVHR systems are designed to operate continuously without any interruption. Barring any mechanical difficulties over a long life, each MVHR unit powers along happily consuming a small amount of energy as it does so. By design, they use limited energy because they’re only ever extracting a small amount of humidity from the air each minute, which doesn’t add up to much energy usage over the course of a month or a quarter.

By contrast, their heat recovery properties are excellent. Rather than heat being present in some rooms and not in others, heat is captured and then redistributed throughout the property. This helps to keep the entire home warmer rather than just the room where the heater was turned on. The better distribution of heat levels avoids the need to turn up the heating when moving between rooms because the MVHR system has already taken care of that. No more turning up the heat in the bedroom and dealing with a cold room until it gets warmer.

Less Humidity

Humidity extraction is achieved by removing warm moisture from the air within the room. It’s an efficient system that makes staying indoors more pleasant in places where there’s always an unusual amount of humidity, regardless of the indoor temperature.

This helps to avoid changing clothes more often due to perspiration, which in turns saves on repeated laundry runs and discomfort.

Remove Condensation and Damp

Condensation observed indoors in the morning is no longer an issue with MVHR. Moisture is captured and removed before it forms on the windows.

Also, because heat is redistributed more evenly, there’s no situation where rooms that aren’t occupied very often and don’t normally get heated build up a damp problem. This saves on expenses trying to resolve a potential damp issue in the walls later.

There are significant benefits to getting a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system installed. Not only does it save money in the medium- to long-term, but it ensures a warmer home and cleaner air too.

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