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4 Surprising Burglary Statistics You Need to Know

burglar statistics

For many people, the likelihood of a burglary rarely crosses their mind. But with four burglaries happening every minute, the chances of becoming a victim are higher than you might want to believe. While you realize you should take precautions, are you aware of what home features may put you more at risk? Included here are a few surprising burglary statistics to protect your home and your family.

Easy Access

Did you know that just over half of burglars have to force their entry into your home? A whopping 30-40 percent of burglars are able to access your house through an unlocked door, or unlatched window. One way of reducing your break-in risk can be by simply ensuring your doors and windows are locked and latched before you leave the house.

Security Systems Scare Burglars

With all of the money-making schemes out there, it can be hard to determine what home amenities are necessary and which ones are just a waste of cash. Fortunately, most convicted burglars noted that they carefully assessed homes for the presence of an alarm system before attempting a break-in. Homes that were armed were far less likely to be broken into.

Additionally, if you do have an alarm system, burglars are likely to flee without taking any belongings if the alarm sounds. While arming your alarm system every time you leave the house is important, there is another simple way to deter criminals. Utilize your security company’s brand name by posting a sign outside that reads “protected by ADT” etc. Making burglars aware that your home is armed could make them think twice before venturing onto the property.

Risk of Violence

Coming home to a robbed house can be a traumatic event. You have lost your sense of security and safety as well as had your private possessions violated. A burglary can be even worse, however, if you are actually in the home at the time of the event. A whopping 28 percent of burglaries happen when one or more people is at home.

Of those occupants, 7 percent suffered violence at the hand of the burglars. This may not seem like a high number, but considering the families and children involved, do you want to risk becoming part of that statistic? An increasing number of burglaries are performed while burglars are under the influence of drugs. When both the pain-tolerance and reasoning aspects of the brain are distorted by drugs, it’s better not knowing how far they will go.

Closure is Hard To Find

You may believe that your home burglary case will be effectively dealt with by the police and you will have your belongings returned to you in no time. Unfortunately, a meager 13% of burglaries are actually resolved and the recovery of victim’s possessions is nearly impossible. If you have suffered a break-in, it is not unlikely the criminals will return to your home again. Invest in a security system immediately to prevent future loss of safety and property.

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