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5 Tips on How to Protect Your Home From Burglary

Do you know what the weakest places in your house are? Each house owner should remember some tips on how to protect their home from burglary. Read this article to get firm advice on neighbouring surveillance, window protection and lighting of your house so you can avoid unwanted visits.

The optimal house according to the ex-criminals

Researchers don’t have a doubt that the optimal house for a thief is remote, without alarms or with the back facing a forest. Thus, if your home matches this description, you should take some security measures.

1. Don’t store valuable items in obvious places

Most people store their values ​​in quite obvious places, for example, in the drawer with underwear. That helps burglars a lot in stealing from you. Remember to keep your most valuable items in some safe place that can’t be spotted immediately. Thus, as you can see, home safety and security depend largely on you!

2. Alarm and dog can stress the thief

In most cases, burglary lasts up to 10 minutes. Thieves must be fast to take your belongings before the police or security company reaches the scene. However, an alarm stresses the thief so that it has a preventive effect – just like a dog.

3. Invest in double locks and secure windows

If you fear about your house, perhaps you need to put a double lock on the door and make your windows extra secured. An alarm can be a good option, but it does not guarantee a safe house. Instead, it is an excellent supplement to other preventive elements. Secure your windows as well as possible. Presently, various companies can install double locks and secure windows in your house. Consider it as an investment in the security of your belongings.

4. Install surveillance cameras

If you want to be on the safe side, you should acquire some modern surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, many homes don’t have these devices, but they can be very beneficial to your house. More and more house owners decide to install surveillance cameras, as people start to see how many profits they can bring. Even if the damage has happened, it is easy for you to document to the authorities about the burglary. You will have everything recorded so you can diagnose the problem as many times as you want.

Surveillance cameras are available in many different price ranges and they are simple to set up. There are surveillance cameras that you can control via your smartphone and see what’s going on regardless of your location.

These devices are great for keeping your home safe and they help prevent burglary. If you have children, the camera can also watch them for you while you are out. All in all, it is a really good investment.

5. Consider an electronic lock

Today, there are many homeowners who make use of electronic locks and you can be one of them. An electronic lock is a smart solution, as it can be handled via an app. Such locks provide you with the following benefits:

Some more useful tips that can help you protect your home from burglars

  1. Neighbour Surveillance: Tell your neighbours when you leave.
  2. Get on and off watches, so the house looks inhabited.
  3. The mailbox must be emptied, the snow removed and the grass mowed – even when you are not at home.
  4. Set up an alarm and double locks to stress a thief.
  5. Don’t let your values ​​be clear to see from the garden.
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