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Andrew Cuomo Resigns

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Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat governor of New York, has resigned in disgrace after found guilty of sexually harassing about a dozen women. He announced his resignation today (August 10, 2021). His resignation takes effect in 14 days.

Andrew Cuomo. Screenshot @ BitChute

Andrew Cuomo and Criminal Charges

The Christian Science Monitor reported that Andrew Cuomo resigned amid a growing threat of impeachment after the New York Attorney General’s report found that he indeed sexually harassed at least 11 women.

The three-term governor’s decision was announced as momentum built in the legislature to remove him by impeachment.

Although the NY attorney General Letitia James did not pursue criminal charges, prosecutors in different counties of the state say they are opening investigations into Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal and he may face criminal charges.

Mr. Cuomo still faces the possibility of criminal charges, with a number of prosecutors around the state moving to investigate him.

Democrat politicians in America have a long history of accusations of sexually harassing and raping women and children, ranging from congressman Anthony Weiner sexting scandals targeting minors to former president Bill Clinton’s stories of rape and pedophilia and all the way to the current president Joe Biden, who remains accused of raping his former staffer Tara Reade.

The Involvement of CNN and Chris Cuomo

The disgraced governor’s scandal and subsequent resignation has brought a lot of attention and questions about the involvement of Andrew Cuomo’s brother Chris Cuomo, who is an anchor at CNN. On his show, Chris Cuomo not only kept quiet about his brother’s raging sexual harassment scandal but was reportedly offered by CNN to take leave so as to “advise” his brother. The New York Post reported:

Officials at CNN reportedly offered network host Chris Cuomo a “leave of absence” to advise brother Governor Andrew Cuomo amid his ongoing sexual-harassment scandal.

The story also says that media pundits are calling for CNN to fire Chris Cuomo since he continued praising his scandal-ridden brother on his show while ignoring the calls for the governor’s accountability over violating women’s rights.

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