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A Beginners Guide to the Presidential Race

Unless youve been hiding under a rock for the past few months, youre probably aware that theres currently a very intense presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. While you may have seen the funny memes on social media, or overheard a heated debate about who should be the next leader of our country, you may still be pretty confused about how to get reliable information, and why you should care.

How the election affects you

During election season, we often hear about foreign trade policies, taxes, and gun rights, but what do these actually mean to us? Will we really be affected by the transition from one president to the next? Understanding the stances each presidential candidate has on certain issues can help you determine which party youd like to vote for according to how their decisions would affect your life if they were to become president.

We watch the taxes being deducted from our paychecks, but are you aware that where that money goes is largely based on who we have in the Oval Office? Taxes can be daunting, but with certain programs put into place by different presidents, they can also be rewarding; especially for businesses.

According to the government is allowing small to medium-sized businesses to write off the entire cost of certain types of equipment in order to promote businesses to buy more equipment, which would stimulate the economy.

This is just one of the many examples of why its important to understand presidential stances on different issues, such as taxes and business laws. It may very well affect your business in a big way – positive or negative.

Where to get your information

With the whirlwind of information thrown at us each day regarding the presidential race, its hard to know which sources to rely on. Its safe to say that a family member or friend speaking to us about the election most likely has a biased opinion, and is speaking from a place of personal preference, but what about articles written online, in magazines, or in the newspaper?

As unfair as it may seem, most news sources are somewhat biased, and tend to lean towards one party or the other. Sticking with facts, rather than news stories or blogs, will help you get the most insightful information without leading you astray. When searching for information, try your best to differentiate between fact and opinion, and understand that some follow up and research may be needed before you get to the bottom of whats really happening.

A great start in gathering unbiased information is in simply searching for facts about each candidate: which party theyre affiliated with, what their previous experience is, and what their political platform is. You can also find different lists of their political standpoints on many issues such as the death penalty, tax exemptions for churches, social security issues, etc.

While staying up to date and current on the election news can be overwhelming, its also very rewarding to understand where the future of our country is headed, and what your vote could mean.

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