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Biden Flees Press on Afghanistan


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While the mainstream media struggles to cover up for the humiliating collapse of the Biden administration’s foreign policy, the controversial US president himself is seen escaping from press on questions relating Afghanistan.

Earlier this week, Taliban – the Islamic terrorist group – took over Afghanistan’s capital Kabul as the Biden administration retreated and pulled away from the country without ensuring safety for Afghan people against a visible Taliban advance. In plain sight, Afghanistan became Biden’s gift to the Taliban.

Biden Runs Away from Questions on Afghanistan Failure

While reported absent from the White House amidst Afghanistan’s capture by Islamic terrorists, Biden was seen returning the next day to give a speech admitting his weakness yet calling himself right. However, at the end of the speech, he was seen literally running away from the press to avoid answering any questions. The moment of Biden’s escape was shared by conservative filmmaker and commentator Dinesh D’Souza on Rumble.

As Biden walked away, wearing no mask, from the press and disappeared, a female reporter can be heard asking, “Mr. President, how can you take no questions on this?”

Biden is facing wide condemnation from many sides owing to his abject failure in Afghanistan. Newsweek reported on Monday that prominent conservatives are calling for the impeachment of Biden over Afghanistan.

Calls to impeach U.S. President Joe Biden have grown following the withdrawal of most of the U.S. military from Afghanistan and President Ashraf Ghani ceding power to the Taliban.

Impeachment calls against Biden didn’t start with the recent rise of Taliban and Afghanistan’s fall to them under the Biden administration. Earlier this month, We the People Convention reported that Ohio Congressman Bob Gibbs is asking his GOP House colleagues to prepare articles of impeachment against Biden over his “unconstitutional” order of extending the eviction moratorium as well as his failure to secure the southern border of the country against the invasion of illegal aliens.

Biden’s escape from questions from press goes back all the way to his campaign days when he was mocked for hiding in his basement using the pandemic as an excuse. Since a controversial election put him in the White House, Biden has been seen repeatedly fleeing and avoiding questions and struggling to remember his lines while failing to read properly from his notes and the teleprompter.

Meanwhile, mainstream media continue to play dumb and unconcerned over Biden’s collapsing foreign policy and unmatched incompetence, much like going deaf and blind on Hunter Biden’s scandalous video wherein he admits to a hooker in a hotel room that Russians have got his laptop that carries his crazy sex act videos.

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