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FBI Plotted to Kill Governor Whitmer of MI

Whitmer Kidnap Plot

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

The FBI not only pushed a plot to get Michigan’s Governor Whitmer kidnapped using a group of men but even told one of those men that their plan is to kill the governor.

Newly filed court documents reported by Radiopatriot on Monday (August 30) show that FBI Special Agent Jayson Chambers directed an informant nicknamed Big Darn – one of the group of accused men – to develop a plot with the mission of killing Governor Whitmer. The text from the FBI agent reads:

The objective of this plot is clearly being derived and advanced by Special Agent Chambers. By issuing this edict, ‘Big Dan’ has been charged to develop that plot specifically.

The story shared the screenshot of the text as seen in the court filing submitted by the defense attorney.

FBI text screenshot @ Techno Fog

The new text filed as evidence by the defense creates an even stronger legal challenge for the FBI that has already been found involved in the conspiracy to kidnap Governor Whitmer. Techno Fog wrote:

This is just another problem with the government’s case against these defendants.

Media Goes Deaf and Blind

Mainstream media that works closely with the Democrats in America and covers up scandals implicating the establishment has entirely blacked out on the story of the new FBI text to specify the murder of Governor Whitmer as the mission of the kidnap plot.

Infowars, however, stayed on top of the Governor Whitmer kidnap story and reported on the latest development. Infowar’s Owen Shroyer showed the court documents on his show and rhetorically asked whether any mainstream news source will report on the story.

Suspicious Death of Robert David Steele

In a related development, former intelligence officer Robert David Steele, who had commented soon after the Whiter kidnap plot made news 10 months ago that it was an entrapment plot by the FBI, died mysteriously at a hospital where he was being treated; the official cause of death allegedly being COVID 19.

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