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Fun Toys You Can Justify Buying as a New Business Owner

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As a current or aspiring business owner, you understandably want to throw all of your financial resources into your new company. The last thing you want is to have to shut your doors due to over-buying or splurging on items you don’t really need. At the same time, you are a devout fan of toys and gadgets. You love nothing more than finding some amazing new product that will help make your business or personal life easier in a really cool way.

Fortunately, there are a number of grown-up toys that you do not have to sacrifice for the sake of your new company. Check out the following suggestions:

A Modobag

If you do a lot of traveling and are sick and tired of coming home with sore arms from dragging heavy luggage around, the rideable luggage known as the Modobag is for you. Whether you are going out of town for a few days on business or heading to Grandma’s for the holidays, the Modobag will make your travel days so much easier. Billed as the world’s first motorized, smart and connected carry-on, you can not only use the Modobag to carry your stuff, but you can actually ride on top of it and zip through the airport to your gate with ease.

A New Vehicle

If you adore anything and everything to do with cars, buying a new vehicle makes any day feel like Christmas. Of course, a new car or truck is also a significant expense – one that you feel might take away needed money from your new company. Actually, by finding a new vehicle that can do double duty – both in your professional and personal life – you can easily justify the expense of a great new ride. If your new business will involve making a number of deliveries and/or picking up supplies, a truck like the Chevy Colorado would be a great choice. The Colorado has plenty of cargo room in the back that make it ideal for business; and since it drives like a car and comes equipped with tons of safety features, it is also an ideal everyday car for you and your family.

iFetch for Your Pups

Starting a new business takes up a lot of time. While you are excited to launch your company and get it off the ground, you do find yourself worrying about Fido and Fluffy back home. To be sure your beloved dogs get the exercise they need when you are not around to walk or entertain them, invest in a cool doggie gadget like iFetch. The automatic ball launcher can be set to throw tennis balls 10-40 feet, which means it is ideal for long hallways. The iFetch comes in three models, all with different-sized dogs in mind. Knowing that you are keeping your four-legged best friends happy and healthy will allow you to focus better at work, and will also completely justify spending money on such a cool gadget.

Fidget Cubes

If you have kids, you are probably already familiar with the fidget cube, a toy cube with a specific activity on each side. Playing with the cubes can help you to concentrate and be more productive, which is definitely a good thing when starting up a new company. Available for about $20, they come in different colors and allow you to spin, roll, flip, glide, click and breathe more easily. If you have a hard time justifying this expense, share the fidget cube with your kiddo, or use it at home too to help focus on your chores and household projects.

You do not have to feel guilty for buying new and fun gadgets. As long as they can multitask or solve a problem related to owning a new business, you should feel free to treat yourself to these new and useful grownup toys.

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