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How to Pray Properly to God

pray properly to god.

Have you ever talked to God before? It sounds preposterous to those that are new to religion, but baring your soul to the Lord is an experience that will bring you peace and serenity in your daily life.

If you haven’t the first clue how to open the lines of communication with your Heavenly Father, the good people at SCOAN would like you to know that it isn’t rocket science.

In the paragraphs below, they share how you can pray properly to God so you can begin living the benefits of having an awesome relationship with Him.

1) Think about what you want to pray about

When you are sitting down to pray, it helps to know what you want to ask the Lord to help you with.
Are you having trouble in an area of your life?

Do you want to show gratitude to your Holy Father for the blessings that have been bestowed upon you? Perhaps you just want you to develop a relationship with one of a variety of saints that inhabit heaven.

Whatever your intentions are, it is in your best interests to think about your needs before praying to God.

2) Find a quiet place

In order to adequately express yourself to God, it helps to find a quiet place where you can reflect on everything that has happened to you recently, and where you can formulate your thoughts so that you can communicate to your Heavenly Father in a coherent manner.

Free from the constraints of having to fit in as you would in a busy place, you can pray in the manner that the Lord would want you to embrace.

3) Say standard prayers if you are new

When you are new to prayer, it can be tough to find a rhythm that you are comfortable with at first. In these instances, it is recommend that you stick to some well-established prayers that have been said by countless people before you.

The Lord’s Prayer is a perfect example, although there are numerous other holy incantations that you can say; this includes hymns if you are a musically inclined person.

4) Don’t show off if you are with others

Prayer is not a competition. If you choose to pray with others in a communal setting such as a church, stick to your own method of talking with the Lord, but be respectful of other people’s need to speak with God in a relatively serene setting.

If you are making the show of your prayers to show others that you are more pious than them, know that God favors the humble and the meek over the proud and the obnoxious.

It is okay to be passionate, but not when it is done on purpose to make yourself look more important than others.

5) Show gratitude and ask for forgiveness

Above all else, remember that prayer is about two main things: giving thanks for the blessings in your life and asking forgiveness for the transgressions that you have committed.

If you are having trouble figuring out what to talk about when you have kneeled in prayer, sticking by these two guidelines will help you communicate your needs effectively to God.

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