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How Instant News Impacts the Election Process

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Over the last couple of years, there has been a shift in how the public sees the election process. With things like fake news and voter fraud, the general public was a little overwhelmed during the campaigns leading up to the election of President Donald Trump. The internet has brought us many good things as consumers and as a population in general. Breaking news cycles can get you information that can save your life, alerting you of a disaster in a matter of seconds, but there is a downside to having that information quickly. Here we are going to discuss ways that instant news cycles impact the election process.

Social Media Mayhem

As mentioned before, the fake news cycle is one that lives right along side of the real news cycle. What makes the fake and real news travel so quickly is the process of sharing on social media. Applications and websites like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit have given the general public a place to gather and get news at a moment’s notice. However, not all of that news is real and without even checking a source, that fake news can be shared very quickly, causing more harm than good. Apply that to the election process and the general public is getting fake news about a candidate that might be used to sway his or her decision about them.

What You Hear Might Not Be What Was Said

Just like the rise of social media and sharing news, real or fake, technology has brought us ways to record every single second of someone’s life. That includes those that are in front of cameras making promises and telling us that everything will be alright. Sound bites on the news can give you a sense of what someone was thinking while talking to others, but that same technology can be used to manipulate what we actually hear. With a few cuts and edits, a sentence can say whatever you wish and even though the message is close to what was originally passed along, it might not be construed the same way by John Q. Public.

The Establishment Is Losing Power

As the younger generation tries hard to act like they do not care about politics and the processes that are used to elect officials, the establishment is trying hard to keep them on board. Those seeking power will look to attract those that believe the political system can be changed by one person, and with the media running news seeking to smear either, those that actually want to vote are more confused than ever. It is not like you need an online degree in political science to know what is going on during the entire presidential election process, but what you learn from that degree will make things a little clearer for you.

In summary, the landscape for the election process is changing and that means that everything that is impacted by it needs to change too. Earning a masters in political science online today might not be the same course that was offered 10 years ago and you can thank the media news cycles for that.

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