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Both Sides Of Gun Issue Agree On One Thing: Governor Ducey


Arizona is part of the legendary Wild Wild West. Many of the true and mythical legends about the Wild Wild West could easily be based in Arizona. Since its earliest days as a territory, when Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp patrolled Tombstone, guns and firearms in general have been part of the fabric of Arizona’s culture and heritage.

Even 100 years later, Arizona has been one of the more gun-friendly states in the Union. The state put forth a concealed-carry law in 2014 that is one of the least restrictive laws in America (behind only the constitutional-carry laws that have passed in a handful of states more recently).

The two sides of the gun issue in Arizona have been on the opposite sides in just about every way, but there is one thing now they can agree upon, even if they don’t agree on whether it’s good or not.

They both agree that Gov. Doug Ducey is killing off gun bills.

A former businessman (former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery), Gov. Ducey is sensitive to a positive business climate, and while he ran for governor on a Republican pro-Second Amendment platform, a pro-gun group in Arizona called the Arizona Civil Defense League is complaining that several pro-gun bills in the legislature have died in committee or were vetoed by Ducey. One member of AZCDL even went so far as to say that Ducey or members of his staff “influenced” the killing of a couple of bills in committee – where the state legislature has a Republican supermajority.

A state gun-control group agrees with the sentiment that the governor is doing something to kill off bills, but it is not crying over the influence; it is celebrating the moves as a way for the governor to provide “balance” in gun laws so the “Wild Wild West” doesn’t return to a modern, urban Arizona.

Gun crimes are a big problem in the big cities of Arizona, but with the gun laws on the books that allow private citizens to own firearms, the rate of gun crimes is actually lower than in gun-control cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and New York. Having a good criminal defense lawyer in a gun incident can be valuable in helping you establish lawful use of a firearm in Arizona. Knowing the gun laws on the books will help in a full investigation of the case and can help you uphold your Second Amendment rights of gun ownership in the Grand Canyon State.

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