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The Top 5 Benefits of Biliteracy

The Top 5 Benefits of Biliteracy 1

Biliteracy sets students up for a lifetime of success, and that success starts in South Carolina public schools. Some of the best in the nation, South Carolina public schools who put biliteracy at the forefront of education help mold bright, young minds into powerful, educated learners.

1. Brain Boost

Studies have shown that being biliterate give the brain a big boost. The South Carolina education system has one goal in mind-help students become the best they can be. With the brain-boosting benefits of biliteracy being so pronounced, it’s no wonder that biliteracy has become an important part of the South Carolina public school curriculum.

2. Easy Learning

One of the biggest biliteracy benefits comes to young learners. Young children have a much easier time acquiring new language skills. Being able to read, write, and speak in a second language can become second nature when you start young.

3. Job Forecast

With the internet making us a more connected world, biliteracy is critical. Biliteracy makes students more marketable and employable. Biliteracy also helps students stand out on college applications. Regardless of when or where, it’s almost certain that at some point, being biliterate gives every student an advantage.

4. Decision Making Skills

Scientific studies have also shown that students who read, write, and speak more than one language are also better at making tough choices. Decision making is a critical part of life and as you teach them decision-making skills in the classroom, a second language literally trains student brains to be better at making choices.

5. A+ in English

Not surprisingly, learning a second language can improve your students’ first language. Learning a second helps students learn the mechanics and grammatical nuances of English. If you want to become an English expert, learn a second language.

Learning a second language isn’t always easy though, which is why an LMS system like Canvas Nation is a critical part of the learning process and experience. Canvas Nation allows you to teach a second language in an integrated fashion that sets students up for success. See why South Carolina loves Canvas Nation and how you can use it in your biliteracy program today.

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